Thursday, March 5, 2015

The greatest ascension of all - Part 2 Saviour or Lord ? | Colin D' Cruz

This message was preached by Colin D' Cruz at Word of Grace Church on the March 1st 2015. To listen/download the audio please click here

Col 2:2-3
When we focus on the treasures of Jesus we get transformed from glory to glory.

Phil 2:9-11

2:6-11 The greatest declaration of Jesus’ incarnation and then the exaltation and glorification.
What was the purpose of Paul writing this? To draw out attention to unity and he was encouraging the Philippian church toward this.
James 4:10, 1Pet5:6, Matt23:12

This is a recurring theme in the New Testament that if you humble yourself God will lift you up. The gospel is full of paradoxes. You humble yourself and God will exalt you. When you give, you receive. When you lose your life it will be found by you. When we die, we live. When you serve, you are served.
The humiliation is linked to exaltation.

1. to exalt him Jesus was resurrected
2. Ascension Jesus came to earth as a spirit became a man and ascended fully God and fully man. This was very important to the Apostles. After Jesus’ ascension in the upper room in Acts 1:20 they needed to choose another apostle to take Judas’ place. The criterion was that person has to have been there right from Jesus baptism up to His ascension.
3 Coronation – Jesus is seated at the right hand of God. Eph1:20-22
Jesus is our Savior but not only on that He is ruling and reigning on high over all things.

How else was Jesus exalted?

4.  Heb4:14 High Priest. This is what He became. What is that? The veil was torn in two. The O.T plans of the temple, the priests clothing etc were all given by God in detail to Moses. What was on earth was a shadow of what is actually in heaven.

a) The Passover lamb is the shadow. The real sacrifice is Jesus. The blood of the sacrifice could only be taken into the Holy of Holies by the High Priest and the sacrificial Lamb.
Hebrews has 13 references to the High Priest. The High Priest stood between God and man.
Heb4:15 The High Priest who was tempted in every way is Jesus

b) Therefore he understands. Heb7:25,26 He is interceding for us. So, whatever situation he is interceding for us.

c) Heb4:16 Dispenses mercy and grace and judgment. We will never be perfect this side of eternity. We sin all the time. We can go with confidence now. WE do not need to run away. That’s the role of Jesus.

d) Acts 5:31 Salvation. Jesus dispenses salvation and forgiveness of sins.

e) He pours out the Holy Spirit upon us as a High Priest.

5) Name above every name
God gave Jesus a name. We all have a name. That name is not Jesus. Jesus was a common Hebrew name. This is a preeminent name.
Heb1:4 – Superior to the angles. It’s a divine name

The name signified his character. In the O.T names were significant – they told you the character and destiny of a person.
One day (Rev2:17) we will get a new name.
Jesus was the name given at birth. Matt1:21 IT only deals with one aspect of his character, an important one though.

At the name of Jesus – referring to another name that Jesus is known by – that is LORD
LORD . Greek = Kurios, Yhweh. The Jews would not use that word because it was so Holy.
Is 45:21

Over 700 times in the New Testament Jesus is referred to as Lord. In Acts only 2 times is Jesus referred to as Saviour and 94 times as Lord! What does that tell you?
LORD – Master, boss, ruler over ad above all.

People love a Saviour!! But do people like a boss? That’s human nature. You cannot have one without the other.
Rom 10:9 If Jesus is your Saviour  but is HE your Lord?
Rom10:10 every knee should bow in heaven. Knees are already bowed there.

Rev 4:8-11 24/7 they are worshipping Jesus
Apart from (Heb12:22) angelic beings there are those whose Spirits are with Jesus.

On Earth – True believers worshiping Jesus. One day Jesus will return.
2Thes1:7-10 the unbeliever will recognize Jesus as Lord.

Under the earth- Matt25:41, 1Pet3:18
The fallen angles, those gone to hell will one day acknowledge Jesus whether they like it or not.

What is our response to all this?
Mk16:19 We will get others to worship. We need to persuade others. Too often we stop at worship. We need to take the first step towards evangelism. Will we reach out to people?
Jesus as asked us to live for him. He commanded us to make disciples and he will take an account of that
I pray that all of us will engage in reaching out to the lost!