Saturday, April 2, 2011


Over the past year we at Word of Grace have entered a new season of the favour and grace of God upon us. We have seen much growth, fruitfulness and commitment in the lives of  the people.
One of the areas we have been significantly blessed in is, new songs coming from amongst us. Navaz, after many years of struggle and self doubt has finally broken free to write songs in praise of Jesus whom we serve.
She has received much support from the band here at Word of Grace ( Joyce, Andrew, Mnason and Vinoth) and to mention some special people like Kate Simmonds, Simon Brading, Alan Preston, David Fernandes and Nigel Pereira,  Lydie Greuts. Their support and insight has been invaluable.

 Here is the link . There are more to come as time goes by. Pray for further anonting and that people will be blessed as they listen to them. These are simple live recordings done at church  and in our bedroom. Thats all we can afford to do right now. But we believe as we are faithful with the little, the Lord will make a way for something better.

Your thoughts, encouragement and prayers for this fledgling effort will be appreciated.




  1. Thank you Colin and Navaz for all you do!

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