Friday, October 28, 2011


 This is a summary of a preaching by Peter Brooks at Together On A Mission at Begaluru,Oct 2011.
 Text :John 21
Remember one thing – Jesus will never disappoint you. Others will and you will disappoint others. But, not Jesus.
If you came back from the dead, what would you do? How would you announce your return? Jesus did not come back in great fanfare. He came back quietly and cooked breakfast for the disciples.

I am going to be doing to be discussing the 1) Core of leadership. 2) The charge of leadership and  3) The Challenge of leadership in three sessions.
Have you ever blown it as a Christian? Have you been a bad witness? We’ve all gone through this. Peter is about to be one of the key apostolic leaders – what is Jesus’ interaction with him? What would you do with the person who is your key leader and he lets you down? In a very critical and crucial moment in Jesus’ life Peter lets Jesus down by denying him.
But when Jesus rose from the dead, in Mark 16:7  he says go and tell the disciples “.. and, Peter”. When God called your name it’s going to change things for you. Jesus did not have to reinstate Peter like the sub heading in our bibles say- Jesus was  always for him.
We need to know the grace of God in leadership because it:
1)      It keeps you humble and hopeful – the scourge of many leaders is pride – we think more of our selves than we should. Phil 2 reminds us that our attitude should be like Christ. We are saved because he loves us. It is easy to stay humble when you have a lot to be humble about. Don’t lord it over people. God has entrusted people to you and me. God entrusts me with HIS family. Grace underlines that no one is outside the love of God.
Grace maintains our hope for others and for us. He who began a good work will complete it.

2)      Loving and laughing – do you get tired out with people? We get frustrated but we can still keep loving people. Don’t you think we as leaders frustrate god at times? Leadership is all about loving people – that may mean loving them, rebuking them, correcting them, crying with them. Prov 7:22 When was the last time you laughed? Don’t take yourself too seriously.
3)      Filled and fighting – To lead like Jesus we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Its not easy being a leader. It’s a fight for people’s souls and their maturity. Col 1:28-29- to this I end I labour. Paul struggled for this.
 1Thes3:7-8 “Since you are standing firm in the Lord”. Our goal is to help people stand firm in the Lord. Keeping them in love with God, keeping them married, keeping them from ship wreck. Grace keeps us.
Don’t give up the fight. Jesus prayed for them and for them  to get through. He is interceding for us.
4)      Relational and Real : God wants a relationship with us. His actions are radical. As leaders we need to demonstrate that heart. 1Thes 2: 6-8, 11-12. Paul was gentle as a mother. Don’t be professional, but be a shepherd. Be relational.
5)       Forgiving and free- -I have been forgiven much. God has wiped the slate clean. We all get hurt but the grace of God helps us to forgive. Keep short accounts. Be free, Be free to be yourself.

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