Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Here is a  short but very practical word that was shared shared by Steve Oliver (at the Regions Beyond gathering in Mumbai)on some vital things we need to pay attention to when we come together as a church. It is a blessing to have the Apostolic gift put some solid stuff into the foundations of the church .

Impartation through the laying on of hands was very much a part of church life but we have settled for a hymn sandwich.

 In the early church laying on of hands was a part of life. We need to get it back and contend for it. 

Paul writes to Timothy – do not neglect the gift you got through the laying o of hands. When the Elders of a church lay hands, something happens – don’t be little it.

If we are full of the Spirit and faith – we have weapons of mass destruction in our hands ( to demolish every stronghold of Satan)

 I   So firstly this is something we need to establish in the local church as part of our foundations. It should be a daily routine.
Secondly we are a Word and Spirit church
Some Sundays don’t preach the Word – lay hands. Leaders should model it. Make it a life style I your leadership meetings. As leaders, be eager to receive prayer as well.
Organize well – it shows you are intentional. 

II Create an atmosphere where people can encounter God. Do it with faith. You don’t work it up.  it’s a promise from God “ I will pour out my spirit on all flesh”
Worship leaders – lead people into His presence. Explain about the anointing and how it works. Tell people to receive and expect the Holy Spirit.
Testimonies are helpful. Teach people to linger in the presence of God.

III   Those who minister the Word – build it into your message – tell your people that you will pray for them after the message that they can respond to the Word. This creates a hunger and thirst for God.
Look for evidence of the work of the Holy Spirit when you are praying.

IV Establish this as a body ministry so that it is not around a person. There will be different measures according to faith but it will be a body. This builds churches. What you teach is added to experience and it becomes life. It will start small but you will see God move. Amen!

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