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A Father's heart

This message was preached by Colin  D cruz on the 9th of June at Word of Grace Church. You can download or listen to the audio mp3 by clicking here

In today’s world we have so many opportunities, choices of vocation etc. But what you consider the most challenging job to be?

Its being a father. You may say “whats so challenging about that?”
Firstly it’s a great privilege. In today’s world marriages are under stress, many struggle with starting a family etc. We need to realize that children are a gift from the Lord.

In the Bible very few were good fathers. Even King David, though a man after God’s own heart failed when it came t beign a father. The bible I very candid about failures.

Being a father is not only a challenge but significant. How?

In the 1900s 2 families trees were researched upon.
Max Jukes’ descendants included:

7 murderers,
60 thieves,
50 women of debauchery,
130 other convicts.
310 paupers (with over 2,300 years lived in poorhouses)
400 who were physically wrecked by indulgent living.

It was estimated that Max Juke’s descendants cost the state more than $1,250,000.

Jonathan Edwards’ godly legacy includes:

1 U.S. Vice-President,
3 U.S. Senators,
3 governors,
3 mayors,
13 college presidents,
30 judges,
65 professors,
80 public office holders,
100 lawyers and
100 missionaries.

This is a powerful example showing how a parent’s leadership can have a profound effect on their children and the generations to come.
We all know the tremendous contribution mothers make.

Senora Dodd was brought up by her father as one of 6 children  So she decided to celebrate fathers day on his birthday but later it got streamlined to the 3rd Sunday in June.

Throughout scripture God has many titles but one that even Jesus used was “Our Father”. Paul wrote about “Abba father” – its an intimate term of endearment.
The Jews would not even say the name of God. But Jesus said that we can call Him Father. Fatherhood is a good thing. There is great pressure to take  away traditional role of the father and mother today. Many countries have legalized same sex marriages.

The role of the father and mother is very important – they are equal but have different functions. The Father is the head of the household and ought to loving provide. The mother is primarily a home maker and is in equal partnership with her husband.

What is the father's role?
  • It is a great privilege as I said before. Today there is a big stigma attached to childlessness. It is in God’s hands so when you are struggling to have children do not fight with each other.
  • Our role is to look at our heavenly father and model him. We all have earthly fathers and we know that they are not perfect. It’s sad when the bad things have been passed on viz violence, addictions etc.

In Christ that curse is broken. Jesus can nullify all the negative effects of the past. WE are a new creation and a changed people.
Zep 3:17 The Lord takes great delight in you. Isn't that amazing? We need to delight in our children. Give them lots of love, hugs and kisses.
Love toward your children – affirm them, encourage them.
  • Provide for your children – it’s a father's responsibility.
  • Teach them. Deut 6:7 impress them on your children. It’s a father’s responsibility to teach the children the ways of the Lord. At home the father’s role is to be the spiritual priest. If you have not started it’s not too late. The Spiritual nurturing of your children is up to you and its your responsibility and not that of the Sunday school which takes place for only half hour a week. Bless them before they go to school.

  • Discipline them 0 in love. In India we let the kids run loose and wild and when they are adults everyone want to control them. Heb12
  • Model it – In everything we do we need to model it. Your children are watching you. It’s a rewarding job. We have a great responsibility and opportunity to leave behind a great legacy.

What to father’s need? Respect, and honor. Ex 20:12 We need to honour them so that you will live long. This is the 1st command with a promise.
Verse 4 Fathers do not exasperate the. The bible has a lot to say about bringing up children.

We need much grace and help to live up to this high calling.
Invest in yourself and the generations to come.

Besides having biological children we can all have spiritual children and that is a great legacy to leave behind as well. We are all in this together. Lets make an impact on the generations to come.

Colin D Cruz
June 2013

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