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Joshua Part 3 - Possessing the promises

Joshua Part 3 Possessing the promises

This message was preached at Word of Grace church  by Colin D Cruz on the  29th of July 2012. You can listen or download  to the Audio recording  of the message by clicking here

Rom15:4  tells us why the Old Testament was written.  To teach us so that we might have hope. How many are aware that the Olympics are on? Imagine If you got a call from our Olympic committee asking you to represent our boxer because he is unable to participate for some reason. How would you feel? Would you be game to go?

 When we go to the book of Joshua we see this situation. Moses was the man of God who met with God face to face and had amazing encounters with God. Joshua was only Moses’ assistant. And now in Josh1, Moses has died and God is speaking to Joshua and charging him with the responsibility of leading these 2 million people into the promise Land. It’s an overwhelming situation for him.

We will look at Joshua’s life and how it applies to us. He had an overwhelming situation, overwhelming promises and overwhelming challenges. How does he handle it?

1 Moses is dead – but God’s promises continue. God appoints Joshua. What do we learn from this? No one is indispensible – God’s purpose will go on with or without you. Moses was preparing God’s people to enter the Promise Land. God is now reminding Joshua of an old promise. This promise was not just given to Moses. Let’s look at Deut 34:4 – IT began with Abraham. See Gen13:14. This promise has been passed on from one generation to another. What are the other promises besides the land?
Verse5 – Joshua is promised victory – God has promised success to Joshua
V4. This was a huge portion of land but the sad thing is that they actually possessed very little.
They were promised God’s presence – Not just land, victory but God’s very presence. God promised to be with them.

“Be strong and courageous” was repeated many times. There must have been something out there for God to repeat is so many times. There were challenges, no doubt.
Numbers 13 tells us what the land was like. Two men had to carry a single cluster of grapes. This must have been a massive cluster. This land was prosperous and fruitful and the people were huge as well!

V7-8 Joshua was instructed to obey the Word of the Lord and meditate on it. This is what Joshua did – they battled 28 Kings and took over the land. What does Joshua’s battle have to do with me?

Rom 6:20 We were slaves to sin.  There is so much sin in the world because of this sinful tendency of mankind. The Israelites were saved by the blood on the doorpost of their houses . The angel of death passed them by. Then they passed through the Red Sea. They were saved out of Egypt to go into the Promise Land. God has saved us through the sacrifice of Jesus and the shedding of His blood. We have been saved from hell to heaven but before that there are promises that we have to possess.

God has given us amazing promises for those who have been saved. The Bible is full of promises. Joshua had promises. Many times God said “I am going to give you this land” If Joshua just sat there he would have to nothing. He had to possess it.

As Christian we are saved , we have heard of the promise but we don’t know how to possess it. IT s not about heaven – it’s about an inheritance. Many of us have received prophetic words of over our lives, we have received prophetic words as a church – what you do with it is important. WE have to act upon it. There is a battle to inherit it – it will come with sweat, blood and tears like it did for Joshua.

First of all you have to believe. The first generation of Israelites had fear, not faith, therefore they lost out. We have an inheritance here and in heaven.

There are promises for us to possess corporately as a church. Here are some of the prophetic words we received as a church at our 10 th year celebration.
  • ·       Ps 103 - Expect God to use us for healing.( Nigel Pereira)
  • ·       Is 40:4-5 God will go before us and smoothen our path.( Vinu Paul)
  • ·       There is a shift in gears - things are going to move at a much faster pace , so get ready. Desiree Pereira)
  • ·       Saw Colin blowing a whistle and people from all over Pune gathering to him ( Pas. Raju Thomas)
  • ·       Saw Colin writing a list on a blank slate. Felt God saying make a list of things you want, and I will grant it. ( Steve Oliver)
  • ·       The past 10 years you (Colin) did what God wanted of you, now ask me and I will do what you desire. ( Pravin Darole)
  • ·       Is 54:14-15 In righteousness your throne will be established.. (Jaya P)
  • ·       God is taking us to a new level of faith. ( Austin)
  • ·       New books are being opened. The old has gone. It's a new beginning . Deut 1:6-8 has fresh application. ( Navaz)

V10 – We have to get ready. It will require preparation – single mindedness, putting aside distractions. The promises are limitless and as flowers of Christ there are all ours to possess. Don’t spend your time wandering in the wilderness. The Israelites wandered for 40 years and died without inheriting the promises. Through faith and perseverance we will inherit.

What are the giants?
The biggest giant is your self – we are our own greatest weakness. Ask God to help you. 2 Cor 12:9 when we are weak , He is strong. Remember God is for you. What are some of the tests? Health, finance etc. When you read your Bible read the promises God has given you. Jn14:13, Matt21:22. God is for you. Look at the number of time God said to them I am with you, every where you put your feet I will give it to you.

God could have just given them the land but they had to fight a battle. To build them up. Abraham was tested with the challenge of sacrificing his son. We will face opposition. Jesus reminds us that when we are persecuted, great is our reward in heaven.

 So remember all the promises in scripture. God has a great plan for your life, he has given you many promises, let’s take hold of the promises as we remember that God’s presence is with us. Let’s obey God’s commands.

Colin D Cruz

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