Saturday, November 17, 2012

A band of many colours

 As I was praying for The HUB and TOAM Bangalore I felt the Holy Spirit give me a word that He said   I should share at both the Conferences.

I saw a picture of a  band of many colours like that of a rainbow. It was a long band that went around the earth, encircling it and it had all the colors in all their brilliance.
I felt the Lord say that we are like that band of many colours where each colour adds beauty to the band and a distinctness .

 However these were not clear defined bands of colour - they blended and merged one into the other. There were many shades within a colour and the reds gave way to the oranges which gave way to the yellows and so on.
The Lord impressed upon me 1 Cor12:12 The body is a unit thought is is made up of many parts and though its parts are many they form one body" verse 21 says The eye cannot say to the hand I don't need you.

In the same way one colour cannot do without the other- the band would be incomplete. 
In the same way - we need each other. Together we bring out the brilliance of all the colours and display the manifold wisdom of God which is the church . If you took something away there would be something missing.

I felt the Lord day in a time of change, we need each other more than we realize. There is great synergy in partnership - we can do more together than apart. The band went around the earth- together we can make an impact on the nations,. We will be from this nation to the nations - a band of many colours.

Navaz DCruz

November 2012

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