Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Who tells you where to go?

Enqurie of the Lord
 This prophecy was  brought by Navaz DCruz  at TOAM 2012  Bangalore . God is looking for a people who who inquire after Him and not chase methods or man for success.

In a time of change and expansion I believe the Holy Spirit wants to remind us to be like King David, who hungered and longed for the presence of God. He said that to him the presence of God was better than life itself, sweeter than honey and any human love.
David also learned to inquire of the Lord. Where did he learn this?

 He learned this when no one was watching. He had a deep and private walk with God where he inquired of the Lord. He won battles in the private place- that’s where he took on the lion and the bear. Therefore he could take on Goliath. People tried to give him human counsel, advice and solutions (the wearing of Saul’s armour). But David knew that the battle belonged to God and that God would come through for him. He knew his sling shot was good enough because that’s how he fought in the private place and with God by his side. We are to be careful of worldly ways . It will not bring success.
God wants us to seek Him,  to inquire after his heart. David did not abandon this when he became King. He always asked God whether he should fight a battle or not, whether he would have victory or not. God’s voice gave him the confidence to go or to hold back. When we do this we will have victory.

Navaz D Cruz 
Nov 2012

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