Friday, April 19, 2013

Great Resources

I  have come across some great resources that I am sure you will enjoy. Here are the steps to getting a hold of these free books.

Some are one time offers open for just one day. Make sure you get them before the day is done.

Happy reading.

(1) Download your FREE Kindle Application for PC below

(2) Subscribe to Gospelebook for FREE BOOKS - source

(3) FREE EBook - R.C. Sproul – The Truth Of The Cross (FREE) Ends April 30th

(4) FREE EBook - Answers to Pastors’ FAQs
CHRISTIAN E-BOOK: Answers to Pastors' FAQsAuthor(s): Howard F. Sugden & Warren W. Wiersbe
Price: FREE (April 18-19) TODAY!!!!!

Special thanks to my friend Inder from Grace Church Nashik for letting me know about the Gospelebooks link.

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  1. Thanks. Also just picked up a few free e-books from as well.