Thursday, April 18, 2013

Taking or possessing

Here is a new post that is only audio. The first link is to Colin sharing on Taking and Possessing. There are also a  few others who share on how their groups are doing.

By the sheer grace of God we are already 30 groups in 3 months. I have never seen such rapid growth ( personally or in churches I have been a part of) in all my years as a Christian. We are touching 80 people and about 40 people in church are involved in these 30 groups.

The next stage is seeing them come to faith, being water baptized, filled with the Spirit and added to the local church. We want to build wide and deep, making disciples of Jesus , teaching them to obey everything HE has commanded.
We value your prayer support.

This link below is an audio on Jeevan and Andrew sharing on their experience at Master Builders South Africa.

Hope you find this encouraging.

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