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Regions Beyond Leaders gathering | Session 1| Steve Oliver

This message was preached by Steve Oliver who leads Regions Beyond an apostolic sphere within Newfrontiers Intl. 

Steve shares his heart on what is our DNA and where are we going from here.
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I was reading Hudson Tylor’s book o how he had to wrestle for his values and understanding God’s heart for the nations.

“Utter weakness in ourselves, we should be overwhelmed at the immensity of the work before us, were it not that our very insufficiency gives us a special claim to the fulfillment of His promise, 'My grace is sufficient for thee; My strength is made perfect in weakness.'" Hudson Tylor He was 25 when he wrote this an took his family to China

We are 19 nations and 10 regions. It has spread far and wide and it’s huge to carry so many nations.I only had a heart for one little church in S Africa up in the hills but now look at us. We are here now.

I remember the promises that we are in a new day.
We are setting our course and are discovering our key DNA issues and God is joining excellent gifts together.

1992 I accompanied Jeff in the Drankensberg in South Africa and heard about God’s heart of every nation. This was the first time I was exposed to a call to the nations and that it would be through the church.

When the call came “who can I send and who will go”?
I felt something stir in my heart. Here we are many years later. One evening God told me as I was praying “I have called you to build Newfrontiers” It was a strange word because I was at that time only a Life Group Leader.

1993 Terry and Simon Petit changed the course of the work in South Africa and the Bay Community Church was born. This was my first involvement in a church plant.The church grew and multiplied and took shape.

We finally felt led to leave Cape Town and go to Clarence in 1996
September 1996, Ray and Sue Lowe visited us. Ray asked me what God had called me to. What could I say with me here sitting in the middle of nowhere? But God had spoken that we would be like a mountain whose rivers would flow into South Africa and into the nations. Ray’s response was “Great, let’s do it”.

God has done a wonderful work and now I am here. I am marveling at the task before us.
I felt God say that you started a church on a mountain top and now you are all gathered here on a mountain top and God is true to his promises.

God is looking for people who will say “Let’s go” We have a journey fueled by many promises.

India – I came away so encouraged. They are men of capacity and vision.

Regions Beyond 2010 Terry courageously and obediently took us on a journey from one sphere to many. Some have joined together and some have multiplied.

Those were early days when I shared with Terry that I longed for a group of brothers and sisters who were like minded people with a common vision and would find an environment where they have the freedom to express themselves and where we would reach nations and continue the work that had begun.

I want to see an apostolic sphere that does not gather around one person but around the Eph 4 gifts and I layed all this out before Terry. 

Newfrontiers has become a group of apostolic leaders together with teams and churches united in global mission by core values and genuine relationships.

The wineskin changed. If we can have many Eph 4 gifts released it will happen a lot faster.
Regions Beyond has now taken shape and we’ve added more gifts. Over the last year and a half we have had 3 defining points all around people.
Garry Welsh joined us and then at Master Builders God spoke to me to reach out to Ray Lowe and that we need to do this together. Late last year Ray Lowe joined us.
Jeff Kidwell joining us has been another defining moment.

These days there are some of the most significant days of our lives. Its going to change some of our lives in the near future.

Some of the promises God has given us Is 55:5 A word that I have said and me so many times. So there is a God element to what is happening. Next Month we go to Malaysia and God has worked this out.

Gen 13 God is going to continue to give us nations. At the HUB we heard about the dam bursting and the word “Don’t Shepherd God” Ray’s word about a caged lion i.e the church deeding to be un caged and released.

There are some things that I long for.

1 These are things that I have carried in my heart for years. Ever increasing circle of friends. Never be an organization. Be what we have been taught – a family together on a mission. We can function among st friends , hear the purposes of God and move on.
2 I want us to be a movement that continues with the values that we have received. Some values may rise to the fore but there are values that mark us and are visible among us.
Years ago we started leadership training in Clarence and it bore us a lot of fruit.
We need to be value driven and not opportunity driven and this is what we should be whether it is how we build church, team, manage our finances etc. We must have values that guide us.
3. I long for constant diversity. You will hear difference languages in the next few days.
4 I long to be among leaders who are secure in being themselves- position ally secure. They will not be a shortage of things to do.
5. I long for a people group that will criss- cross nations. It’s wonderful that its already happening.
6 I long to see this glorious church being re produced- people who love to worship and pray and embrace the poor.

We are a diversity family of churches in apostolic partnership.Our diversity is a big strength. I want us to go from here loving our local church and impacting the town in which we live with expansion in your hearts. That’s what we’ve go to be wherever we are.

So I am calling you to greatness. What is biblical greatness? – it’s abandonment to the purposes of God.

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