Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A strange encounter of an empowering kind | Colin D Cruz

This message was preached by  Colin D Cruz at Word of Grace Church  Pune, on the 23rd of August 2014. You can listen/download the  audioby clicking here

I want to tell you a story about two people who received bad news and were downcast. They were travelling to another town. Their friend 
has just been murdered and they were discussing the events that surrounded that death. And they were very sad.

They were on their on their way to Emmaus . They had put their faith in Jesus but he has been brutally been killed and they are downcast.

Like 24:17
As they were talking, Jesus suddenly appears to them but not in His glory (v15) and they were kept from recognizing him. He asked them what they were talking about. They were surprised that this stranger was not aware of the recent events that shook the whole place. Now it’s the third day after Jesus death. They heard that Jesus body was not to be found and did not believe fully (24:11) not did they understand.

If you were with Jesus, what would you do? He deliberately kept them from recognizing them. Why? For 2 years He had been telling them that this will happen.

Verse 25 - Jesus response, “How foolish you are, how ignorant.” Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to God’s word. The Old Testament is all about Jesus. He told them that the scriptures were all about Him but you need eyes to see. Jesus was mentioned in Gen 3:15, Gen4: Abel offered a lamb, Gen 6-8 Noah’s Ark, Ex 12 Angel of death passing over, Ex16: Manna – the bread of life. Every book of the Bible has Jesus in it.

Jesus chose to reveal himself through the word. Today we have the privilege and opportunity to read God’s word in our own language. We may not have supernatural encounters but we have His word and He speaks to us. We at Word of Grace uphold the Bible and encourage everyone to read the Word daily and feed on it.
It’s also helpful to have a journal to record what God speaks to you.

Verse 27: Jesus explained the scriptures to them. Imagine they knew what no else knew – they had exposition of scripture from Jesus himself!!

Verse30 then Jesus does something. As they broke bread and ate and their eyes were opened, he disappeared.
Although they had a second’s glimpse , see what effect the last 2 hours they spent with Jesus had on them (v 32). Their hearts began to burn. When we come to the Word it’s not routine or discipline but trust God to speak to you.
The Bible is amazing – little children can understand it and theologians can be puzzled by it.
Stick with the Word till your heart begins to burn.

V33 these guys must have been tired after a 7 mile walk but “at once” they returned to Jerusalem.
What will energize us? The Word of God will. The scriptures are not enough but we need God’s illumination as well.

Shall we commit ourselves to read God’s word?
So whatever your situation look to Jesus. As we look at him, dig into scripture you will be energized to look into God’s word.

The Word of God can revive us set us on fire to do things for Him. We see Jesus through the Word. Can we commit to read the Word and journalize what God speaks to you?

R. Bonke “He who is full of the Word will never be short of ministry”

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