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Will you cave in, in the cave? | Ranjit Rodrigues.

This message was preached by  Ranjit Rodrigues at Word of Grace Church  Pune, on the10th of August 2014. You can listen/download to the audioby clicking here

What do you do when tough times comes?How do you respond? How do you cope? Listen to a faith building message.

Daniel 6
In recent times God has been speaking to me through this.
Times are changing and life is getting tougher, pressures have increased.

How does a Christian cope with this? Here I chapter 6 Daniel is now an older man and has a senior job in the government, something like a senior IAS officer. He is very capable and greatly respected. Not only that, he has just been recommended for a promotion (v.3). 
He is soon going to be No.2 to the King. We need people to rise up of places of influence.

Verse 4-5: However there is a group of people what want to malign Daniel but cannot find any charge that they can stick on him. May this be said of us as well, that we are trustworthy, honorable and function with integrity?

Verse 6-9: So they try targeting his faith. Everything is going well and suddenly trouble hits you for no fault of yours. Jesus said that we are to expect it – He said you will have trouble. Peter says “When trouble hits you, do not be surprised” Christians all over the world face this. How do we as people of God respond at such a time?
Let’s look at what Daniel did.

Verse10. Satan knows how to tailor make a problem to trap you. Part of our wisdom is to be aware of it. This problem was tailor made for Daniel. Satan will do the same for you. Beware.

 Q. What will you do when suddenly difficult situations comes upon you? We do not change our behavior at all. WE continue doing the good we are doing. What does God require of you?

1. We have to develop consistency. Keep on living for Jesus and continue to do what is right. To give up is a foolish thing to do. This is a time to hold onto his promises. Don’t change your behavior.

2 He protected his heart from fear. The devil ties to use fear. It is not wrong to feel fear but it is wrong to act upon it. It’s not your responsibility to keep from fear – Satan puts it there, but it’s my responsibility not to act upon it. WE need to guard our hearts against fear. You need to look at who you are in God and who your God is.
Daniel knew his authority as a Son of God. Know that you have huge authority. This is a function of son ship not leadership

3. He prayed three times a day giving thanks to God. He did not pray in panic or hopelessness but giving thanks to God. Many battles are won on our knees – for our children, church, marriages etc.

At this point the matter is settled. Daniel wins this battle here not after. What we see later, is only the outworking. The battle was not won in the lion’s den but in prayer.

V12-17 : Neither the king nor the lions sleep!!!
V19. If you and I will stand consistently, in authority and persevere in prayer the father is waiting to dispatch angles to our rescue. Angels are real. Many times we have been delivered by angels but we are not aware.

V26. There is a revival in the land. A decree is passed to revere Daniel’s God!! The King becomes the greatest evangelist. When the people of God walk in the ways of God, there will be revival in the land!

There is a second Daniel – He is Jesus. He too was unjustly accused and thrown to face death. Just as God raised Daniel, God raised Jesus and gave him a name above every other name.

If you have put your faith in Jesus you are on a winning ticket. It does not mean storms will not come, but when the dust settles, you will be seen standing because your life has been built on the solid Rock that is Jesus.

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