Saturday, January 31, 2015

Four reasons for unity | Colin D 'Cruz

This message was preached by Colin D Cruz at Word of Grace Church on the 25 th of Jan 2015. To listen/download the audio please click here.

We saw that the Philippian church was a quality church. Paul had great love for them and them for him. They sent gifts and supported Paul.

However there was something that bothered Paul. It was not doctrinal error, or gross sin like the Corinthian church. He warns them of something that could happen.

Phil 4:2 He pleads with two women to make up. He is saying unity is the key.
This short book of 108 verses has more than 50 references to Christ. It’s a high percentage.

Phil 2:1-4

Paul gives them reason why they should aim for unity.

1. Any encouragement from being united in Christ – Think of what the cross means to you. What have you received? So many things!
Our sins are forgiven, everlasting life; we have a family in Christ. He will never leave us nor forsake us. We are being sanctified, strengthened in the midst of trouble.

2. Any comfort from His love. His love is amazing. He loves us even before we repented. While we were still sinners in Christ died for us. Rom 5:8. Even when we sin, he is our advocate. He is compassionate and forgiving. Till we die, we will sing but as Christ followers we are not happy with our sin and we don’t want to sin.

3. If any fellowship with the Holy Spirit. If the first two are not enough think of this. The Holy Spirit has drawn us to him. The spirit was involved in our sanctification and will be involved in our glorification. We have the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. We cannot live without the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

4. Any tenderness and compassion. This refers to more than an emotion. It’s not just agape love but a strong liking, like between friends.

5. Make my joy complete. Paul was appealing to them saying that you can make my joy complete by being united and like minded.
How can we who are so diverse in Word of Grace from different cultural backgrounds, education, language, likes and dislikes get unity? Take a housing society. They are always fighting. Unity is hard to get.

When it comes to the word of God and the cross we need to be like minded. It’s not cloning people but being on the same page when it comes to the things of God. There are no two people on earth who think the same.

Unity comes about when the love we have received from Jesus is what we give to others. We tend to give ourselves a wide margin. Let’s give others a wide margin and forgive unconditiontionally.

Unity comes from being one in purpose. We gather here because we want to see the kingdom advance. We are all involved.
How can we advance the kingdom? The small groups and prayer help. We are praying for each other, being accountable.

Let’s think about this. We need to of the same mind, united, love one another. When we are like this, great things can happen. Without the Holy Spirit we can’t do this. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to do this for us, to make His thoughts our thoughts. Amen!

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