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Is there a perfect church | Colin D Cruz

This message was preached by Colin D Cruz at Word of Grace Church on the 18 th. of Jan 2015. To listen/download the audio please click here.
Is there a perfect church? Have you found it? Lets read on...

There are some bachelors who are looking out for the perfect wife; some ladies are looking out for the perfect husband. There are some Christians looking out for the perfect church! There is no such place here on earth but one day we will have it in heaven.
I want us to look at the church in Philippi. Paul is writing to them full of love and affection. They have a special place in his heart.

Phil 1:3 I thank God very time I think of you. Maybe he had Lydia and family in mind. In Acts 16:14 we see how Lydia gets saved amongst others.
Verse 4. He prayed for them with joy. Are we full of joy when we pray for people?

There are some lessons we can learn from the Philippians.

1. Verse 5. They partnered with him. They were with him in his mission.
Verse 8. He longed for them. He was not a detached apostle but had a deep love in his heart for them.

Acts 16:33 The Philippians jailer was saved and so was his family.
2 .Phil 1:9 Not only does he love and pray for them, the Philippians prayed for him too. They were a people of prayer.

3. Phil 2:12 they were obedient. A higher level of commendation is that they were obedient in his absence as well.

4. They were living at a high standard. Acts 3:15-16 He commends their life style. He commended their leaders, elders and saints.

5. Phil 1:9 That your love may abound more and more”. They were a loving people.

6. Phil 4:14-16 They were a generous people. They were only one who supported him even in Thessalonica. They even sent Ephaphrodites. With gifts for Paul.

When Paul wrote to the Romans, Corinthians, Ephesians, Galatians he wrote to correct doctrinal errors that needed to be corrected. eg) Gal is a stiff strong letter. Gal 5:12 – very strong language.
Gal 2:16 He summaries the gospel
Gal 3:24 the purpose of the law is to lead us to Christ that we may be justified by faith.
With the Philippians there was no doctrinal deviation.
The Corinthians had divisions. Dis unity. 1Cor 1:10, 1Cor 5:1 Sexual immorality in the church that is worse than the outsiders!

If there was no correction to the Philippians what was the purpose of the letter? Although it seems calm on the surface Paul wants to address something that is hiding in the background.

He is addressing the deadly poison of disunity, discord and conflict that is lurking. We get glimpses of this in Phil1:27, Phil 4:1-3 We see it more obviously. I plead with Euodia and Syntche to agree with each other.

Verse 3 tells us that they were no ordinary woman but contenders for the gospel! Paul was addressing the lurking danger of disunity. This is not just for the Philippians but for all of us.
Phil 2:1-4 Paul lists out the motives for unity. He lists out the marks of unity and the means of unity.

Paul is in prison writing this letter. The key thing is that Paul wanted the church united. This was the thrust of what he was writing. We shall look at it in detail next week.

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