Tuesday, August 18, 2015

CHURCH - why, what and how? | Colin D Cruz

This message was preached by Colin D' Cruz at Word of Grace Church on the 16th of August 2015. To listen/download the audio please click here

Is there a purpose to meeting every Sunday? What is the point? Is there a purpose? The Bible is our benchmark.

Acts 2
Jesus was crucified. He lived a great life and spoke the most amazing things. Jesus died to pay for our sins but not just that. He rose from the dead and he gave them instructions
The Holy Spirit fell on Pentecost and those 120 people were never the same again. The people spoke in different languages. The outsiders were amazed at this.

Peter stood up and preached the good news. We were separated from a Holy god but Jesus made a way. His blood washes us clean. When we accept His death and forgiveness our lives are changed forever – our past, present and future are taken care of.

On that day (Acts 2:41) three thousand were added to the 120.
What were the four things that were present in the early church?

They were a SAVED CHURCH

SAVED - It was made up of people who acknowledged that their sins were forgiven. They had REPENTENED. There was a change of direction in life. The power of God breaks addiction, habits, and sin’s power over us.
Repentance is just not mental but actual. Your life has changed and people notice it.
BAPTIZED  v38. This is a mark that you are truly following Jesus. They are also baptized with the Holy Spirit
ADDED TO THE CHURCH  v41. Somebody was keeping attendance and noted the numbers added. It means “I want to belong to the local church” I’m a part of it and in it. To build god’s church you need the above 4.

They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching. Wherever the church went in history they educated people. They started schools next to the church because the Christian faith requires that you study.

In India the missionaries are the first over to start schools, universities for all people. Today there are many mediums of information – the web; everything is available with a “click”
Are you involved in studying God’s word and developing yourself as a Christian? If you want to grow you need to feed yourself.

The early church devoted themselves. They were intentional about it.
Join the IDT ( Indepth Discipleship Training) and invest in yourself.


This means partnership, friendship. Encourage you to build relationship within the church. There are levels of friendship: acquaintances, friends, close friends and intimate friends.
Relationships are very important. You can download worship, messages and worship at home. But this won’t give you fellowship.

V46  They were into each other’s home. Is your home open? Do you people in your home, do you go over to people’s home?


I am amazed at the numbers of answered prayer we see. We want to see more and more. As we pray for people we are getting involved in their lives. We meet twice a month for prayer as a church. We have the prayer chain, daily prayer in the office, Prayer breakfast. Be a part of one of these. What’s the result? Awe, and the presence of God comes down.
SHARING  They shared with each other. They were a generous people were they gave as people had needs.

Much joy, favour of God. The kingdom advances and people get added to the church.

We are involved in all this to one end. Rev 20:11-12  Everything is recorded and we will be judged and either be with Jesus or in the lake of fire.

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