Thursday, October 1, 2015

Blessing in obedience| Abdullah Jamal and Augustine Kudalkar

These messages was preached by our budding preachers Abdullah Jamal and Augustine Kudalkar at Word of Grace Church on the September 27th, 2015. Abdullah is preaching for the very first time and Augustine is preaching for the second time.  What is amazing is that unknown to each other they pick the same topic that tied in with the worship and prophetic words we received that morning. God is on the move! To listen to the worship and prophetic contributions please click here.To listen/download the audio please click here for Abdullah's message and click here for Austin's message

Abdullah Jamal:

There is blessing in every act of obedience. Today we will look at the story of Naaman the Syrian.

Luke 4: 27- And there were many in Israel with leprosy in the time of Elisha the prophet, yet not one of them was cleansed—only Naaman the Syrian.

2 Kings 5:1-10

Naaman was a good powerful soldier but was struck with leprosy. He has a servant girl who was an Israelite. God had a purpose for this.

Today we are God’s chosen people placed in this world. There should be something about us just like this girl.

1 Corinthians 12:18- But in fact God has placed the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be

God has strategically placed us where we are in our work place, city, etc. We have been chosen for obedience to Jesus Christ and for his glory.

2 Kings 5:5- the king of Aram releases Naaman with a letter to the king of Israel. In verse 12, Naaman gets upset with Elijah.

God can change situations for you. Hold on, have faith. Your 7 dips are not over yet

Naaman has done 5 dips and there is no change yet. Finally he takes the 7th dip and he is cleansed. That must have been the happiest day of his life. There is blessing in every act of obedience.

Leprosy that affects the body is one thing, but what about the soul? Matthew 10:28- Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. This leprosy of sin is worse. Only Jesus can set us free from this. He is the one greater than Elijah!

Augustine Kudalkar:
Often we hear things from God but we don’t obey.

In Matthew 4 Jesus is preaching about the kingdom, he is healing the sick and great crowds follow him from everywhere.

Jesus goes to the mountain where he gives one of his greatest teaching which ends in chapter 7. Jesus talks about the wise and foolish builders. Both of them listened to the words of Jesus. Both faced the same tests in life but the outcome is different.

When we obey it’s like building on the rock. The foolish man disobeyed and it destroyed him.

Q. How do we apply?
1.      Listening to the word of God- Our daily quiet time, obeying and putting it into practice.
2.      Making disciples
3.      Matt 25:35- are we praying for the sick.
4.      Practicing hospitality. Heb 13: 1-2- do not neglect hospitality. Invite strangers to your home.
5.      Heb 10: 24-25- spur one another to love and good deeds. Let’s not neglect fellowship

Today we have the opportunity to respond as a wise builder.

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