Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Revelation demands a response| Janet

This message was preached by Janet Brann- Hollis on November 13th, 2015 at the Regions Beyond annual gathering of the nations- 'the HUB 2015' in Dubai. Audio link with follow shortly
When God speaks, there is a stirring and it needs a response. There are different responses. Everything that God is doing demands a response. We will all hear a sound that will take us to a new level, to move us in a certain way, start new projects, relocate, etc.

1.       1 Kings 18:2- God spoke to Elijah. There is a famine in the land. Elijah had this altercation with Jezebel’s prophets. In verse 43, when God begins to release is it’s not always the first thing. Here 7 times he relocated. The seventh time God spoke about the rain. God had prepared the rain for the future. God has a plan and a purpose. Perceive correctly or you will miss the rain.

Revelation generates a response that we have to move on. This means he is moving us on continuously.

2.       Luke 10:39- the second response. Martha and Mary serving Jesus. Jesus’ response in verse 41 shows that God wants us to set aside and take time off from busyness before God takes you into a new season.

What changes does God want to do? We should not be busy with the work of the Lord but with the Lord of the work. Mary chose to process what Jesus was saying.

3.       Luke 1:10: the angel spoke to Zechariah and in verse 18, Zechariah’s response was, “how shall I know this?” the response God would have wanted is, ‘yes, I receive it’. Zechariah’s negative response brought upon him a deaf and dumb spirit. He was kept in bondage.

Our fear and unbelief keeps us from re positioning. Here was a typical response- his eyes were on the natural. 
Another thing that keeps is from responding is doubt. We listen to our mind instead of our heart. We stay in a state of the un renewed mind and we hold back and question. Once we have hear the word of the Lord and we respond, things happen.

Ezekiel 37:4- valley of the dry bones. The nation has turned away from God. The spirit of the Lord asks him, can these bones live? Can the ministry turn around, can the barrenness go and fruitfulness come? When we see things in the spirit, we produce a different sound- we speak faith and a new sound emerges.

We pray that as we leave this place we will go in faith and release a new sound as we respond and re-position ourselves. 

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