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This message was preached by  Colin Dcruz via zoom at Word Of Grace Church on  March 21st,2021. for the audio please click here.   For the worship please click here

GREATNESS     Colin. 21March 2021

How many want to be great?  We think am I being proud to think like that?

John 13: 1-17      Rom12:2

Do into conform to the pattern of this world – Do not let the world change you into its mould. Have you made Jelly before?

Everyday all day we are bombarded with 1000s of messages through social media etc and these things are trying to shape our values and beliefs.

The Bible tells us to be transformed by God’s word. We need to saturate ourselves with God’s word to think like it. We have the mind of Christ and we need to pray for the wisdom of God.

So, we feed on the Word and focus on Christ.

  So, let’s look at greatness. Bookstores are full of books about success

What is the Biblical model?

John 13:1-17 – Jesus washes the feet of the disciples.

We all know this story.

Let us look at a few things

V1- Are you aware that Jesus loves you? We know He loves us by dying on the cross. But do you know that he loves you deeply right now? Allow the Holy Spirit to show it to you.

Rom 5:8 Jesus did not wait for them to change to love us. That is how we humans thing: change first and then I will accept you.

Did Jesus Love Simon Peter.  Yes. Even though Jesus knew that he would sin and betrayed Jesus, he washed his feet.

Peter cut the servants ear off. Matt16 – Peter has the revelation of who Jesus is  - the Christ.

Jesus knew Peter’s weakness but he still loved him deeply and powerfully. It is unconditional love. The second part is that he loves us too much to leave us that way and will not leave us like that but wants to become more like him

 At the end Jesus comes back to Peter and asks him “Do you love me” three times

Know the love of Jesus in you


2 Cor 5:14-15

Rom 8:35-39

No challenge can separate you from the love of God – finance, relationships, health circumstances. Nothing can separate you from God’s love



He was confident of who he was. He was aware of his crucifixion and resurrection. If we put our faith in Jesus all our sins will be forgiven. HE came for a purpose and was going back to the Father in glory

Acts 7:55 – Stephen saw the glory of God and Jesus standing at the right hand of God. Jesus is in heaven full of glory and power


On earth, he emptied himself of his glory. Now he is full of glory.

 Remember the mount of transfiguration. Mk9:2 – His clothes became dazzling white!! There were moments on earth when his glory was revealed. One day we will see his full glory.

John was the disciple Jesus loved. But in Rev1:12 see how John responds- he fell facedown as though dead.

 Because Jesus knew who he was he could do Jn13:4 onwards. He could wash their feet.

We are transformed as we look at Jesus.

Do you know who you are? Are you confident in your identity?


V . 4-5

Are you one who will rush to wash dirty feet? In Jewish culture only gentile servants would wash the feet. But Jesus because he was secure in his identity he could do it. He felt no shame and humbled himself.


V12- Jesus finished washing and then taught them. Do you understand what I have done? HE tells them to do the same.

No servant is greater than his master. It is talking about serving one another.


James and John come to Jesus and ask who will sit at Jesus right and left. The disciples were all thinking in a worldly way- position and power. The other disciples were also thinking about this because they also wanted to know who is the greatest.

Jesus tells us how we can become great and he shows the way. We must become the servant of all. It is not how many people serve you but how many do you serve? This is the path to greatness.

Let us see how we can apply this to our live

 Know that Jesus loves you dearly to the end

Know your identity in Christ- these are true irrespective of your behave

Jesus wants you to be great and the way become that is to serve.

We start serving in the home- the goal is to become like Jesus.

Look at ways to serve. Family, children, society. Serve with your full heart

When we do this we will be blessed. Let us pray that we will desire true greatness.


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