Monday, February 6, 2012

Vision 2012

The prophecy was shared at Word of Grace church on the  5th. of Feb
What would the Lord have us focus on this year? Last year it was drawing to His presence and I believe it is for a lifetime. However I feel the Lord want to turn our attention to several things this year.

1. A new thrust to PRAYER. Growth does not mean an increase in activity – rather it means an increase in prayer- drawing power and strength from the throne room of God. I feel this year we are to set aside specific times for prayer together as a church.

2. God spoke to me from Numbers 6. This is a season of devotion and dedication. Numbers 6 talks of the Nazarene vow – the willingness to be set apart for a season. This involves abstaining from certain things that maybe OK for others but not for you. It may even be ok for other Christians but not for you. You are deciding to sacrifice that for a season.
Its a season of doing – things you would not do before or otherwise. Its giving yourself in a specific way to the Lord and to the Church.

3 I believe this is a season for taking leaps of faith – its a time to exercise the spiritual muscle of faith – to make it stronger. Allow the Lord to challenge you into new steps of faith. Maybe its something you have never done before or only to a measure. Eg) you have never prayed out aloud, or read a scripture or prophesised in church or rarely done so. Set yourselves a faith target trusting God to use you.
Maybe its hospitality – you have never had people in your home (singles- you have never taken anyone out for a meal) stretch yourselves – socially, spiritually, financially.
Giving – you have always been cautious and safe. For some you have never tithed or done it inconsistently. Test God and see if you will not see a flood of blessing.
Gifts of the Spirit – you have never stepped out. Ask God to give you words of knowledge, prophecy, faith for the sick. Use this to bless the church, in your Life groups and in prophetic evangelism.

All this can be done as we seek the face of God, His presence, His power, His ways, His glory. Our prayer should be that He might increase and “I” decrease. Our prayer should be that we become more and more like Him – in His ways, His thoughts, His attitude. For this meditate on Philippians 2- lets align ourselves, our thoughts, attitudes, mind to being like that of Christ.

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