Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Storm of life - Does Jesus Care?

 This message was preached at Word of Grace Church, Pune, By Lav Samuel on the 3rd of Feb 2013. You can listen/download the audio mp3 by clicking here.

Mark 4:35-41
The storms come and they can come suddenly. This happens to Christians and others alike. It’s for these occasions that Jesus prepares us.
 We may know the Bible but in life we often forget what we have read or what we have heard in the Word of God.
Jesus is now in the boat in a storm. This is particle training time for the disciples. Some storms come with warning but some come unannounced. The same story is in Matt 8. The waves broke over a boat. The disciples were with Jesus in the boat and they were fishermen who understood changes in weather.

Job sudden storms calm in the life of God fearing men. Everything was OK but then suddenly a storm broke out. It may be health, jobs, and relationships. Suddenly a marriage breaks down. But we have an answer in the Word of God. Let’s not live in cuckoo land Satan tries hard to rock our boat.

What was the disciple’s reaction?
1.    They panicked – fear came. They forgot Jesus’ teaching. Fear destroys faith and develops into doubt. Fear is a strong weapon of the enemy. In Job 3:25 “What I have feared has happened” Satan takes a grip of what we fear. God will not remove his hedge of protection around us, only we can give way and allow Satan to have a foot hold when we give way to fear.

2.    They looked at Jesus- this is the only thing they did right, Jesus was asleep in the boat. Today if our boat is being rocked, he is not bothered because He is the creator. HE overcame everything. He said it is finished on the cross. He is aware of what is happening.

3.    They blamed Jesus. Surprised? “Do you care?”He does care for us! They did not wake him up to calm the storm ( v.41). They woke hi m up to blame him. Even older Christians doubt when in trouble.
4.    Luke 10:38-41 “Don’t you care?” God cares for us He loves us so much that he came down to earth. How bad must he feel when we blame him and tell him that He does not care. How sad it is when we do this?

5.    We should be like Job – he did not sin by charging God for any wrong but he fell down and worshiped God.

Why did the disciples react the way they did?
They forgot his presence – When God is for us who can be against us?
They forgot his power. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is alive and at work in you. The problem is that we don’t use that power
They forgot his promise – Jesus said lets go to the other side. Today he is promising that to his people. It’s an invitation to come over to the other side. The hope that you and I have is tremendous – our last breath on earth shall be the first in heaven. The Word of God is applicable today for each one of us.
Promises of God work out in different ways.

Jesus reaction
Jesus gave the storm an order- “ Be still” Storms have “eyes and ears”!
Afraid?” Jesus is with us. Don’t be so afraid. Jesus did not give up on them. Jesus believed in them. He still believes in us. That’s the love of God for us.
Our faith should be strong. Faith without deeds is dead.

Joshua – walking around Jericho 7 times. But Joshua had faith in god because God had said so, it will happen. If we have faith it will come to pass.
What are the faith evidence in your life? Share it with others to build their faith.

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