Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vision 2013 Part 4 the nuts and bolts of 13/30

Part 4
This message was preached by Colin D' Cruz at Word of Grace Church on the 10th of Feb2013. You can listen / download the audio file by clicking here

Our vision for 2013 is that God is glorified. How does this happen? 

This happens when people come to know Jesus- God’s glory comes on these people and it spreads and fills the earth.

That is our vision – but knowing it is not enough. WE need to do it. Our aim is 30 groups that will in turn multiply. But it’s not enough to know the destination; we need to prepare for it adequately. The IPL is at hand. The cricketers are preparing for it. What are they doing? They are going through all kinds of training; they are mastering the basic strokes. In the same way we need to master some basic strokes.

There are 8 things we need to do individually and corporately.

1 Personal worship – Mk1:35 “very early… while it was still dark” Jesus set the example. 1Cor 1:9 “called you into fellowship” Following Jesus is about having a relation with him. This is a non negotiable foundation. We need to spend time with God on a daily basis with Him. Acts 19:13 the 7 brothers of Sceva did not have a relationship with Jesus. Maintaining a Journal during your quiet time is helpful. Write down your prayer needs and see them being answered one by one. You can record your walk with God.

2. Public Worship Our Christian faith is a personal faith. I cannot rely on the faith of my parents. But it is not a private faith either. God is our father and the other Christians our brothers and sisters. 1Pet 2:5 “built into a spiritual house..” We come together to offer spiritual sacrifices to the Lord. Acts 2:46 they met together Heb 10:25 Let us not give up meeting together.
Meeting together is important 1 Cor. 5:4 “when you are assembled” Make Sunday morning a non negotiable in your life. This should come out of a hear desire (Matt 6:21) not of out of rules or law. It’s not “I must go” but “I want to go”

3. Giving – In the Old Testament the Jews gave a tithe i.e Ten percent. In the New Testament it’s not mentioned as a tithe though Jesus upheld the tithe. In the New Testament it’s about sacrificial, generous giving. Acts 4:34 there were no needy persons. 1Cor 16:2 what was the tithe used for? It is used to pay salaries, hire of facilities, buying equipment and funding mission/church plants. As I have said before, the tithe largely should go to the local church where you are being fed. You don't eat at Pizza Hut and pay at Mc Donalds, do you? In the same way the lions share of the tithe should go to the church you are now attending. And by all means bless other Christian work and mission.
In the New Testament it says we should give regularly and proportionately. 1 Cor. 9:14. PJ Smyth says In the O. T you were expected to give 10% in the N. T it is grace.
There is a great promise – as we sow,  we will reap generously.

4. Small groups
The early Christians met in the temple courts and in people’s homes. Acts 2:46 Paul’s letters were addressed to the Churches that met in people’s home. The large gathering is great but it’s the small groups that allows for heart to heart fellowship.
In order to go forward in the vision we need to connect together – to fellowship, to study God’s word together, share your needs, prayer for each other.
As you do this you will see God beginning to use you and you will flourish.

Let’s bring glory to Jesus. He has made it simple for us. As we follow through, with this life will become fruitful.
Joyce, Austin, Lysaya  are meeting with their friends in a park and sharing the gospel. They have started putting the vision into practice.
As we do these 4 things we will see much success in our spiritual life.
We will look at the other 4 the next week.
God bless.

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