Friday, October 14, 2016

SHARPEN 2016 - TEAMS | Gary W

This message was preached at the RegionsBeyond India Leadership conference 2016.
This message was preached by Gary W who leades Urban Voice.
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Team building:
I am a passionate practitioner on teams. I am completely convinced that teams are essential for a church. The bible is our ultimate guide. Church leadership teams can be quite different from the ones taught at your workplace. You need to weigh it against scripture.

Q. What is modelled for us in scripture?
Where teams have come together, amazing things have been achieved. I love teams. When you win at golf is not the same as winning in a team sport. Part of the answer to loneliness and disappointment is the lack of teams. You feel like you’re alone because you are alone. The questions we have to deal with are worked out in the context of our environment in teams.

We can be individually doing well, but the team is losing. It’s not enough for us to do well individually. An identifiable (yet flexible) group of gifted leaders fully committed to an agreed cision for the church working together to equip and release the church to that vision.

Heb 13- obey your leaders.
Paul writes to the Philippians- the saints, and the elders and deacons.
1.      In every church there are a known group of people who are leading. If people must follow, they need to know whom they are following. It’s not a fixed group that never changes. It is flexible.

2.      They are gifted leaders. Leaders have people following them. It’s not just me and Jesus. Paul said, follow me as I follow Jesus. Leaders are not afraid to say, follow me. It may not be the leader in the commercial world.

3.      The leadership team needs to be fully committed to one vision. That means we are doing one thing. Everything is worked towards this vision. We don’t give ourselves to fulfilling anything apart from the one vision. Everything is about that.

We make sure from time to time that all the leaders are committed to that vision. get a vision that is easily expressed. The goal of our vision is passionate followers of Jesus.

4.      Working together- using our gifts together to accomplish the goal. The goal of the leadership team is not to do all the work. It is for us to equip. Eph 4- and release into works. Leaders need to resist the demands of the people that you for all the work. If you don’t odo that, you will get tired and worn out.

Our role is to equip and release. It’s not to worry and work. To do this we need to overcome some things- I am asking you to be biblical, and if necessary to be counter culture. Not just the world culture but counter Christian culture.

If you do a traditional Christian pastors role, it is not going to die with you. We are still building churches with that leadership model. It will get killed in our own context.

Q. how many ministers do we have in a church?
As many as the number of members.

We are no more called into the ministry as anyone else. In that ministry, our role is leadership.
5.      We equip and release to the vision. Sometimes, releasing can be a difficult thing. If I am controlling all the strings. If I invite someone to lead, you can’t hold on to all the reins. We give them authority to make decision. They will do two things with certainty.
a.      They won’t do it like you
b.      They will make mistakes

When they make mistakes, it’s not time to pull back the reins because it’s not worked.
Colossians- Mark and Demas- you know your team members are not going to be like you. Don’t be afraid to start over again.

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