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Living from the INSIDE OUT- 4 | Karen W

Karen W from Heart of the Matter Ministries International is a friend of Word of Grace Church and has been a blessing to us over the years. This is the second part of the message that was preached by Karen W at Word of Grace Church on July 16th, 2017. To listen/download the audio please click here. 

There has been a supernatural shift in the atmosphere. The days of doom and gloom are over. The way we do church won’t be the same. We are going deeper in the depths of his love. This month, we have been talking about the theme- INSIDE OUT, who are you- identity, where are we going, healthy relationships, etc- which we need for growth and development.

I love to encourage people just how powerful they are. God is getting ready to do something very specific. Colin is going to share something about what is to come to this church-“Through the worship, God laid this word on my heart. The season has changed, just as it has in the natural. 2 things need to happen. We need to be prepared to accept this new season. Secondly, in the summer there was no water, but now there is an abundance of water. I feel God is pouring out on us spiritually. ”

The same night, my testimony was to get some finances together for something I want to invest in. And all of a sudden, I went out with someone and they blessed me with Rs. 30,000. God is up to something big! When you give praise to him, it builds up anticipation for- what are you going to do next?

1.      We need to have an expectancy. Change is now! Everything that Donna and I came to impart is a part of the change. We can get stuck in the drought- we stay stuck in the past.
I have been amazed with Evan Raphael! When I gave candies to him, whenever he sees me, he expects candies. He doesn’t say, I’m a worm. We need to come expecting from God. the reason why we read the word, pray, study, etc. is because we are people who are in love. We do crazy things when we are in love, no matter what country you come from. It is not because we are an extrovert or introvert. It’s because he has grown up in love.

We serve a mighty God, a good God who loves you no matter what. We are no longer going to have any part with any religious dark deeds. We have freedom, so we need to be free. We judge saying that’s just how they are. I am a woman who is forgiven. So I am not ashamed to bless him name

2.      Preparation- you have to be prepared for it. God sent Donna and I to come, and we didn’t realise we were carrying gold from heaven. We were going to simply serve. When this word was released, the words and the training and everything we did came to prepare you for the season. So we came with words for the season. You need to recognise that we need to live from the inside out. We talked about toxic relationships and how in the kingdom people know how to deal with conflict and develop deep-heart relationships. It is just like developing a deep-heart relationship with God. You don’t need to do puja to get to God.

a.      Identity- do you know who you are what God has called you to do? You need to recognise the change when it comes and you need to know who you are when change comes. If not, change will walk right past and you will say, I didn’t see anything happen differently. Understanding who God has called each of us to be, we have to have identity

b.     Empowerment- to be empowered is not to be dependent but to be inter-dependent with one another. I need to be equipped for the things God has put inside of me. Being empowered is very important. I am empowered by the Holy Spirit to do what I am called to do. We don’t work for God- we work from God. we work from connection, in relationship. Jesus saw what the Father was doing out of relationship and did as he saw. Truth is the directional part of God. But we also need his presence. I can hear about Evan all day long, study him for years and now know him. We can do the same thing with God. I was that way in the early years of my Christianity. You can preach and quote scripture, get revelatory words and still not know that God loves you. Revelation brings width, connection brings depth to the relationship. It brings you closer to the one who has called you close to him. How many of you want to experience his presence and know that you that you are in his presence? You can literally feel the presence of God. Religion is a fear-based theology. We have covenant with the one who called us out of darkness into his marvellous light. Whether you speak English or not, we are all equal in the sight of God.

c.      Depth of relationship- if you don’t know him, you won’t realise the change. You have to have a relationship so you can experience the king of glory.  We are empowering you. In Mumbai, I have a dream about a foot operation. So I gave the word of knowledge. There were a lot of people who stood up. I am still talking about relationship- knowing the Father. So, instead of me praying for all of them, since we are all powerful and all God’s children, I had people in the congregation turn around and pray for their brothers and sisters. We will begin to develop life-long relationship with one another. It’s a new day.

Isaiah 43- 18-20“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. The wild animals honor me, the jackals and the owls, because I provide water in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland, to give drink to my people, my chosen,

Q. How many of you struggle with being stuck in the past?

When we stay stuck in the past, we give more power to the past that keeps us from moving forward. This change requires understanding the Father with an expectation. Being aware of how you show up and how people experience you.

God is calling us to wake up. Wakey wakey! Wake up and be aware. Be self-aware. Be aware of who we are, how we affect people around us?

We did an exercise where the team got to evaluate the leaders. One of the things that is powerful about that is that we literally had the leaders leave and we evaluated them for 20 mins. They opened themselves up in a place of vulnerability and said, tell me, how are you experiencing us? We got to experience some amazing truths in love. This is real Christianity- to have a safe, authentic relationship where we are able to show people our blind-spots.

Q. Have you ever felt when someone left, thank God they are gone! Or felt like they were around for longer?

So, awareness of what this new thing is- this new thing is freedom in God, freedom in your worship and praise, in your thinking that when you have a problem, you don’t have to be a victim. We understand that relationships are messy, but in this change, you will learn that the more you have identity, you can overcome. So you can make a choice of being a victim or an overcomer. Your income level doesn’t determine your position in God.      

My father worked 3 jobs in the 60s and raised 5 kids by himself when there was racial discrimination. And the greatest gift my father gave me was the gift of identity, that I could do anything. It is you getting to know the father- that is the change.

Imagine with me- the Father- this is not the fathers who might have hurt you or abused you, but the Father who created you. Ask him, who you are and why you were born.

Q. What is your purpose in life? Why did God create you?

Repeat after me- Holy Spirit, who am I? Why was I born? We are going to let him speak to you.

Some of you are going to get that answer today, or tomorrow, but you are going to get an answer. This is what the Father said to me. In 1984 He said, you haven’t chosen me, I have chosen you. And whatever you ask for, I will give it to you. My purpose is to equip the body of Christ. This is the greatest season of my life. When I get ready to leave India, I say, this is why I was created. The flow of the Holy Spirit comes easy to me because I am doing what he created me to do.

In the days to come, Colin and others will hear from God as he begins to download what this change is all about. How many people want to live in Destiny? How many are tired of just existing?

Word of Blessing- I prophesy greatness in this house. I see greatness in everyone. I release destiny and favour over each and every young person in this house- that they will not have low-self esteem. I release identity- the favour of God in this house. These are not people who happen to be from India, but they are sons and daughters of the king. I release that everyone in this house matter, no matter where they come from. I break the spirit of personal preference done in an unhealthy way. I break the spirit of superiority in Jesus Name. I break the spirit of inferiority in Jesus Name. I break the spirit of poverty and lack in this house. For jobs and better jobs and better economy and dreams creativity will come in this place. We welcome reconciliation. I break the spirit of gossip, of victimization, and I release that you truly have identity, truly have fire in this house. I release dreams and vision in this house. I break the spirit of criticism. I pray God, that people will understand their gifts and know what to do. In Jesus’ name.

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