Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Center of Gravity | Story behind the song

Song by Lasya V

I wrote this song as a celebration of what God has been and done for me. A ‘centre of gravity’ is a point from which the weight of a body or system may be considered to act. I couldn’t think of a better description of the role of Jesus in my life.
 When He is my center of gravity, I gain his perspective. He gives me purpose and the boldness to act on it. Jesus’ perspective is so different from ours because He sees himself in every broken reality because He is the hope for every situationShame came into my life through many sources but He stood as a rock defending me.
 I wanted this song to be filled with hope because he does redeem the years the locusts have eaten. He had restored a relationship in my life that had nearly died and I had begun to see that promise unfold in my own life. It was in that season of joy that I looked back and realized that He would never let go of me. 
So before something else would overwhelm me, I wanted to build a testimony of His faithfulness through this song. And finally, the bridge is both a declaration and an invitation into this relationship with a relentlessly good Father.

Centre of Gravity- Capo 5 C (F)

C                                 Csus
You are my center of gravity
You're the fire in my veins
                  F                     G
You're the light of endless days

C                               Csus

You see the broken reality
But your eyes are full of faith
                 F                      G
For your death was no mistake

Em           Am            C
Jesus my wondrous savior
You wear down shame
On the rock of grace
Em           Am            C
You're a relentless father
Am                        F
You don't give up hope
On the lives that you hold


C                                    Csus
You're the redeemer of everything
From the years of loss and grief
              F                   G
To that promised destiny
C                               Csus
You see the end from the beginning
And your purposes prevail
          F                      G
Victory is in your name

                    C                       F
He’s the king- like no other king
                    C                  G
He’s the son - who will return
               Am                           Em
He’s the one - we have been waiting for
F                            Em
You are our hope - Your name is love
C                        Csus
Come know him now

©Lasya Vyakaranam March 2018


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