Monday, August 22, 2022

The Gift of Encouragement.


This message was preached by Benny T, at the Regions Beyond  Advance conference in August 2022.

2020 was considered the perfect normal vision in optometry for the longest time. I want to encourage you to have a 2020 vision to advance forward.


Acts 20

 Till acts 19, 8 cities where Jews have stirred troubled and persecuted Paul. In 2 cities, the gentiles stirred trouble for him. He is the subject of ridicule, and beatings, and even splits with his friend Barnabas. Every statistic has a story.

AD33-36 – Paul’s conversion

AD 55-57 is when Acts 19 is happening. We are looking at 15-20 years of Paul’s life in Acts 20.

Twice Paul called the believers and encouraged them, and he went to all the towns and encouraged them. If there is one ministry the body of Christ should have it is encouragement.


We live encouraging others regardless of what we are going to. It is the oxygen that helps us.  Encouragement is the currency of the church. Jesus encouraged his disciples even in the last few days before the cross by telling them that He will give them peace.

 Paul encouraged people in the following

     Public profession of faith

     He encouraged the Corinthian church for functioning in all 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit.  

     He encouraged them for their partnership in the gospel, steadfastness


If you want quality people, use the currency of encouragement. This is a beautiful gift.

We have made an idol of the prophetic ministry.The prophetic is one another ministry, not a one to others ministry. Paul is a good case study of how-to encourage. With Timothy, he reminded him of his lineage, his learning etc. Find out the family history of people and you will find something to encourage and God an redeem something in their history for the generations to come.

Encouragement promotes awareness – it lets people know what you are thinking.

Encouragement builds confidence. And confidence is key factor for every servant of God!

Encouragement improves your attitude – you never feel worse after an encouragement.



Some of us say I don’t know how to encourage. We’re going to learn.

Extraordinary accidents are opportunities for extraordinary miracles.




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