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An apostolic people| Hinge Moments| Steve Oliver 2

This is part of a series of messages that were preached at the Regions Beyond  India Leaders meeting at Igatpuri . This message was preached by  Steve Oliver who leads this apostolic sphere Regions Beyond, which is a part of Newfrontiers Intl. You can listen to the audio by clicking here.

At the prayer meeting this morning,  I felt in God that this is a season for us to engage against the enemy. Time has come when the commander says, “Enemy on the hills, let’s go get them!” where there is sickness or poverty, we are to go against it in the name of Jesus. Its not a time to just hold ground but to engage the enemy.Its a big shift and this is what God has put on my heart.

This is another hinge moment- when there is a shift. In the Bible there are some hinge moments- the Pentecost where the Spirit came as in tongues of fire and there were frightened believers that then went into all the world. Peter’s vision at Joppa where his racist heart was exposed and a massive shift takes place, Paul on the Damascus road, falls flat on his face and he become the greatest gift the church has ever received. etc. These are hinge moments of very positive change.

During the American Civil war, over the abolishing of slavery, there was a battle called as "The little round top". As insignificant as it sounds, it was the one that won the war. It was when a professor of Philosophy and a group of exhausted soldiers, with no ammunition left with them, see the enemy approaching and instead of giving up, decided this- I want to finish this having fulfilled what I’ve been commissioned to do. When the enemy advances, the professor shouts “let’s go!” and everyone came to the mountain top at once- by the sheer surprise, the enemy surrendered and they brought the enemy down together.  They brought the enemy down because such was their unity  and belief in each other. In that battle there was a hinge moment.That was the battle which won them the war.

We are at such a moment. Something has changed in us. We also want to be like these soldiers, to fulfill what we’ve been commissioned to do. But there are a few things we need, to be able to do this. 
We look at 1 Chronicles 11. In this, verse 5 is a hinge moment for David. This a a good picture of Apostolic and prophetic. 2Sam5:6

Look at your promises. David goes in for Zion because it has been promised to him. When they say “even the blind and the lame can ward you off” David understands the prophetic significance. Before us is the greatest adventure. But these are the things we need in order to do what is to be done.

Verse 10 these were the chiefs of David. They were together. This is the key.
Verse 18 – The 3 broke through the Philistines lines. We see a moment when everything changed for David and his men, They were being pursued- it is a terrible feeling.
Before us lies the greatest adventure of our lives . this morning we spoke about Eretria, Cape town etc.

There are 7 things in this story that I want us to look at and learn from: Our impact as Regions Beyond will be determined by these things.

1.     Unity: 1 Ch 11: 1- “All Israel came together” It is not the name- regions beyond. It’s not superficial unity. The team, unlike a cricket team, knows you. Our unity is different. It breaks my heart when people with the anointing of God get caught up with wrong thinking. We can show the world what peace looks like.
Jesus destroyed every dividing wall between us. Always believe in the best, trusting God. That makes us one.

In Philippians Paul says, if you have gained anything from Christ… be one in Spirit and purpose. Our understanding of God makes us one. David found this unity.

Ephesians 2:4 says, “for he himself is our peace, who has made the two one and who has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility.” We need to live in this peace of Christ.

We are all equally sinners- so we come to the same savior. We have the same enemy.
You are going to find the person you don’t like your neighbor in heaven! When we are apart remember how we loved each other when we were together. Stay in that place and don’t let the enemy play mind games with you. Let’s go worship our God! Our unity is key.     

2.     Genuine Godly relationships- “we are your own flesh and blood”. That’s what we become when we come to Jesus. It’s different from being in a club. When we hear from one another, we long for one another, we love one another. As 1 Cor. 13 describes- If I’m to love someone for a long time, I’m always protecting them, I’m hoping for them, I persevere for them…

3.     Godly anointing- in verse 3 we see that as all Israel gathers and proclaims that they are his own flesh and blood, they anointed David. Godly anointing – they believed in the presence of God through the work of the Holy Spirit. They only enjoyed it to a measure but today it is for all of us. Whatever we do, we need to constantly seek after, received and give away the anointing of God. Our words will never be enough. Politicians are full of words. They need to be followed with the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

4.     Gifted people- mighty men are raised. It is important to recognize and raise up gifted people. God will raise up more mighty men and women.

5.      Verse 10 -Building teams- “Strong support” who come together for common vision. In verse 10, “they (the leaders), together with all Israel, gave his (David’s) kingship strong support…” this means teams of New Testament leaders who support the mission as they come together in common purpose- the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus. Develop team. We are not in the gae of Kings but anointed New Testament leaders.

6.     Promises- We have so many promises. ‘Just as God promised’. We have individual and corporate promises.

7.     Great exploits together verse 18 they did great exploits together. The armies of God break through the Philistines lines.

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