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An apostolic people | New testament church blueprint | Stephen Van Rhyn Part 2

This is part of a series of messages that were preached at the Regions Beyond India  ( which Word of Grace Church is a part of )Leaders meeting at Igatpuri .  Regions Beyond, which is a part of Newfrontiers Intl is an apostolic sphere led by Steve oliver.This message was preached by  Stephen Van Rhyn.  This is PART 2 You can listen to the audio by clicking here


The New Testament church is not a leaderless community. They work alongside people.
Leaders existed in the New Testament. It is not an evil invention of the 21st century. Leadership was a shared endeavor. Paul writes to the elders and deacons- plural. WE see this time and time again.

The local church is led by a team of Elders and not an individual.
Acts 14:21-23. Paul and Barnabas preach and win a large number of disciples.

Verse 23 – Appointed elders. They appoint a team in each church.
Titus 1:5 Its not gurus, or superman. Appoint a team. Why? God himself is a team. God in essence is community. Church needs to be done in team. Some people think that this is not doable. If the most mature people in the church can’t work together and differ to one another, how can the church get it right?

James 5:14 “Let him all the elders” A team comes and prayer for you and anoints you with oil.
Heb 13 – “Obey your leaders- their authority”
Friends this is very important. Jubilee Community Church is a church led by an eldership team

Now the team has a team leader but he is a part of the team and not above it. He is the first among equals. This is very important. Church is a community saved by grace with team leadership.

This helps identify emerging elders. Acts 20. Paul calls for the Ephesians elders to meet him and in conversation he reminds them that God has anointed them. Paul knew that that was the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit. When Ephesus was told by Paul that he would not see them again, they were very sad.

Good apostolic ministry makes you very sad when they leave. Bad apostolic leadership makes you cry when they arrive. The Philippian church had the same relationship with Paul.

Paul thanks God day and night for the partnership they had in the gospel. Partnership is an important word. Christians can get superstitious in business. Churches are meant to be in partnership. You benefit from the successors. And you are invested in it. What Steve O and Regions Beyond does, you do. Their victories are your victories and their losses are yours.

Paul was interested in catching up the local church in global mission. If you are not interested in global mission find another apostle.
Acts 20:29-30 Paul says this strange thing. A vulnerable situation does not stop Paul from reaching the ends of the earth. V24

Are you after an easy chair apostolic ministry? Apostolic ministry will catch you up for apostolic advance and regions beyond.

We have one life and we need to do it right. Phillipians Ch1 is the blue print. This is the model that we want to model and that we want you to model to others. We may not go physically but we can partner in prayer, financially and in going. We are share holders in what god is doing in another part of the world.

He who began a good work will bring it to completion. Be patient. Jesus raises up elders. Gospel partnership, for gospel advance.
Steve Oliver is a team man. Life is short and you need to throw your lot in, sign up, join the partnership for gospel advance.

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