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Passion about re positioning for maximum impact : Terry Virgo| THE HUB 2014

This message was preached by Terry Virgo  at THE HUB , the annual conference of Regions Beyond, an apostolic sphere that is a part of Newfrontiers, an international family of churches joined in apostolic partnership.

We are living with passion about re positioning for maximum impact. I think of the valley of dry bones that was re positioned for maximum impact.

1Sam18:5 -16, 19:1, 20:1-2, 22:1-2, I Cro 12:22

God is looking for men and women whom he can breathe fresh promises over. You have promises and suddenly you hit problems. That’s always God’s way.
How God does choose a man? He did not start with Jacob who had 12 sons but with Abraham who had none. Abraham’s wife was barren. God works with an impossible situation. He starts with a people who seem insignificant (David was the youngest) . 

Paul writes to the church in Corinth when they were being ensnared with all kinds of things that are not the gospel, all kinds of worldly wisdom, arrogance, pride etc. Paul reminds them “I will destroy he wisdom of the wise.  God will destroy the culture that does not need God.

God loves his creation but he has seen it being destroyed by wisdom that does not come from God. Through the gospel we will be humbled and bring them to the ground. God chooses the foolish things of this world.
Gideon was the least. God called him and the Holy Spirit comes upon him. God always does something contrary to human wisdom. Paul spoke to the Galatians to come back to the truth.

So David –  God came upon him. Today we have a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit like we have not see. David started with a harp and a sling but he finished with a great army and a temple. God takes faithfulness and blesses it.

David was a loyal captain in Saul’s army . He wins great battles……….. Saul is moved to jealousy and then there is unfair opposition.Saul started well but he did not come through. 

As a leader pressures come, we look for ministry but God looks for character. We look for success God looks for faithfulness. In ministry is often shocking where opposition come s from.  For David it comes from within Israel itself. People will challenge your motivation. The same happened with Nehemiah- he wanted to build the city but people questioned his motive.

A warning to us – that we don’t get challenged by the next anointing that God raises up. We need to guard our hearts. Be careful when fresh leaders are coming through. Never speak against other churches, groups that God is blessing.

For David it is a pruning thing – we go through pressures where you feel restricted and limited in a church planting situation. We are often in a “basement moment” where foundations are being built. There is joy in the basement. Paul writes to the Philippians from prison and it’s the most joyous letter. 

You can be in times of fruitfulness and success then again be cut back. It’s a pruning happening. How we handle ourselves during this time is important. You feel cut back but because you came through, you don’t know what God will do at the end of that. Paul was in prison for 2 years.

Rose bushes are pruned down to a stump before spring. Even old bushes are pruned, It’s painful and tough. “One of the worst things that can happen to a young man is early advance” M. L . Jones.  95% of church plants fail because of wrong methodology that depends on worldly wisdom. God is not fascinated with it, in fact he is at war with worldly wisdom.

God is raising up an army whose values system is very different. Jesus did not come to Rome or Greece but to Nazareth!! HE came to nothingness. HE grew up as a tender shoot; he learned obedience to the point of death. The gospel is foolishness to the wise. He is looking for us to trust Him and demonstrated trust in Him. 

God is looking for people who will not retaliate. God wants a heart that is pure – that will not hit back. David’s men watched how he lived. That is how you build your core team. You build your core around steadfastness and faithfulness and consistency. 

Are we willing to please God? We should not listen to close friend or even our spouses who encourage you to fight back. Wait for God to do it for you. David learned to wait for God.

It’s positive character that will under gird the army of God.  It’s internal skill and heart issues that matter. David did not give into self pity but battled it. We have to learn not to yield. God is interested in building character and gifts will be added to it. Don’t chase it.
Another temptation: to give up and go back to secular employment, leave the church and join another church because you are bitter. David knew what it was to stand.

What was the fruit he received?
1Sam18 Jonathan loved him and made a covenant with him. HE found a brother that really loved him. This how we build. It’s a tragedy when we see loneliness, hire & fire in the church. God wants hearts joined – inter woven in love and caring for one another.

Hire and fire is foreign to the house of God. Jesus said “All that you gave me, I have not lost one of them” , except Judas. WE are not merely trying to be successful; we are building a different value system.

Sometimes a big work can be very fragmented. 1Cor12:8 Before there was a public acknowledging of David there were men who felt drawn to him. WE can grow in peace and in a peaceful pace because “all that the father has given me will come to me”. These people came to David. They are mighty men now, not the depressed etc that had come initially. They were drawn to him. They gave themselves to David. Cone could say this is dangerous – like a cult. No this wa the work of the Holy Spirit. These were not “yes men” but “mighty men

 In spite of being strong and gifted they gave themselves to David
This will happen with leaders in your church when they come to you and give themselves first to God and to you. They were willing, gifted and devoted. They did it with an undivided heart. WE need to build teams that are of one heart. WE need a team that does not disagree with you in the corridors. Good team has vulnerability where you can say “ I need help”. Good teams know how to disagree in the room face to face.

Sometimes teams don’t work because the team leader is too gifted and the others are clones .The team leaders should give great freedom to the team members. Team members should be able to disagree- not clones, you should be able to ask questions, talk about it etc. 

Sometimes a leader has to make a call. We should do everything in prayer. So there is harmony that is not spooky. The unbelievers see a community of love that is foreign to the world. The army of God is going through all kinds of discipline. So David not only replaced Saul but raised up an army established a kingdom, built a temple.

So wait fro God’s timing, know he is working for out good. Be ambitious to see others succeed. Learn to handle people who hurt us. The basement affects the size of the house.

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