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Let's Go! : Franco Lonappan | THE HUB 2014

This message was preached by Franco Lonappan at THE HUB , the annual conference of Regions Beyond, an apostolic sphere that is a part of Newfrontiers, an international family of churches joined in apostolic partnership.

Let’s Go!  Franco Lonappan . THE HUB 2014 Session 1
2 Kings 6:1-7
This scenario is similar to church life. They felt the place was too small. Elisha’s fame was increasing and they were growing. Elisha did not think about planting out but the people came to him and told him it was time to take new ground and take some initiatives.
Jesus said “I will build my church” anything healthy will grow. Anything healthy will need more space

Is 54 Introduces the church? “Sing O barren woman”.
Your descendants will dispossess the nations. We are here to go to the ends of the earth.

1) Let’s go – the sons of the prophet said “Let’s go” Let’s plant out. Elisha said “Go” Jesus said “Go and make disciples of all nations”
God wants to commission us to go and reach new communities. Many will be re commissioned.
God’s first words to Abraham was “go” to a new country (Gen12)
Acts 7: Stephen starts the story of the Bible with “go”

Our Story starts with “go and make disciples…”
Mk37-38 Jesus said “Let’s go” to the other side because he wanted to preach. That is why he had come.
Mk.4:35 Jesus goes to the other side. There is one demon possessed man- through him the region is saved.

2001 – Stoneleigh the theme was “let’s go!”
2 Cor. 10:14 they wanted to go to the regions beyond.

We need to have a lets go attitude. Jonathan and his armour bearer- because they went they had great victory. Sometimes we can be hesitant to take new ground. God is coming with a spirit of encouragement. There are new things that God has assigned for you. There is no dead end in God. God is gracious and kind.
God is looking for individuals who will say “let’s go” and take initiative.

2. God is with us – As we take steps of faith and take initiative God will go with us. The prayer of Moses . God says “My presence will go with you” Matt28:20 surely I will be with you always” Emmanuel – God with us. God’s authority and power will be with us. God is going before us, with us, behind us as we take steps of faith.

Ray’s prophesy of the locomotive train that pushes against obstacles put on the track encourages us to know that we will push through difficulties and obstacles because God is with us. Apart from Him we can do nothing.

3. There will be disappointments .When you decide to take new ground you will face opposition. But these are opportunities to see God do the miraculous. Mission creates an atmosphere and opportunities for the miraculous.

Rom4:17 God who calls things that are not, as though they are.
In the NT we live in the resurrection power of God. It’s working in us. If you are in a place of disappointment its time to call things that are not as though they are.

As we step out we will experience God working through us.
V7. “Lift it out”. There are acts of faith that are needed where we have to reach and take it. We need to take it up and not miss opportunities. You know what God is showing you. If you can’t see it, ask God to show you – like the axe head to float.

Steve Oliver spoke some things to the churches in India. I feel for us too. There are some things we have to lay down in order to take up some things. For some of us our gifting has gone blunt- we need to take it up again.

God has brought you here for a purpose to divinely position you for maximum impact.

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