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The Hebron HUB : Steve Oliver | THE HUB 2014

This message was preached by STEVE OLIVER at THE HUB , the annual conference of Regions Beyond, an apostolic sphere that is a part of Newfrontiers, an international family of churches joined in apostolic partnership.

Prayer is important. WE pray a lot in our staff meetings. We worship lot. Diversity comes through in the worship as well.

Our journey as Regions Beyond has been exciting, challenging and far more extensive than I ever believed. It began with a few friends with a call to the nations and gradually God has handpicked you to join this family.

This is a launch pad for great things. In terms of transition/change my default is to find a story/passage that will be a template for this change. Scripture becomes a foundation for the change.

Hudson Tylor – I have often realized that without months of feasting… I have learned to obtain successful labor… first, earnest prayer to go, and the deepening of the Christian life so that men and women will be unable to stay at home”

The apostolic is not here to raise ways and means but to go and do the work.
The word of God undergirds all that we do. As a leader you have to speak the big things that God has spoken. If you live there people will join you.

I am living with the promise in Clarence 1997. I was struggling to raise leders. I was advised to lower the bar.

1 Chro 12
I want to take you to a picture of David’s life – 3 days of celebration and lots of lessons to learn from there.

David had been on the run and his heart was shaped while he was on the run. He transforms a rag tag army into a great army with God. Jerusalem was taken and God established a people. The first task was done. This is what God has done for us as well.
There are more good stories and some pitiful ones – that’s why prayers is important. Topy’s word “first a son” is important.

Verse 38  Many thousands had gathered in Hebron for the purpose of seeing the fulfillment of God’s promises. All these were fighting men who volunteered to serve in the ranks. They all came to Hebron to fulfill a promise. The men spent 3 days – the “Hebron Hub”. Families were providing provisions. There were plentiful supplies of flour, fig cakes, resins cakes etc.

These people have been formed by the hand of God. We are here for a common vision and purpose not to set up a King

4 actions points

1. To build a relationally strong family – What God brings together is great. We honour the past and embrace the future. We are more concerned about the well being of others than our own needs.

2. Strengthen existing churches – It’s only when we have strong healthy churches can we go forward. A local church is not functioning properly is not caught up with Apostolic vision. Go back and envision your people.

3. Many more churches planted. This will be our focus. Think how many lives get affected because your church got planted.

4. Continue to embrace the poor. Seventy percent of the unreached people fall into this category. God did not call us to care for the poor but to lift them up from the ash heap to be coequal partners in world mission.

As we look at the 3 day event.
Substantial skill gathered together. Humility – mighty men willing to join the ranks. Mutual recognition of the gifting.
Determination, sharing, generosity, collaboration.
As we are called to the nations what we see here should describe us.

4 things to learn
1. They came from humble beginnings. Always know where we’ve come from, where we started. Bill Hyble – “My biggest concern for leadership is arrogance”. We need to watch ourselves. We are a rescued people. As we go down we are exalted. These were men of war who could keep their rank” these were substantial men of caliber. These were warriors who were greater than their leader. God is adding people of caliber to us. Are you happy to be in the ranks?

FB Meyer -“too many like to break the ranks and do Gods work independently” 50 men tighter can do more than 500 can do apart. Be faithful with God has given you.

2. They were captivated by a common vision. They came to Hebron fully determined. If we can find clarity of who we are together we can do a lot. Common vision is important.

1 Cro12:13 bringing back the ark
There will be tough times. Saul’s men suddenly appear. David invites them provided they have come in peace.

V 18 then the spirit of God comes upon Amasiah. God joins us a one and Amasiah says “ We are yours..” We need to have Amasiah moments when we give ourselves.]
“Devotion is relinquishing our rights and individualism” Terry Virgo

3. Diversity in the details – the flour, wine, oil, cattle sheep etc. they had not seen a common together with a common purpose. It’s an Acts 2 moment. There was no need. Everyone in Jerusalem were in awe. They gave of themselves to one another.
B Hyble - Unity is not a vision but a fruit of God working in our hearts.

4 Generous community – The chronicler wants us to see the detail- resins cake, gif cakes etc look at the food! It’s the same thing. The queen of sheeba also remarked about Solomon’s table.

God says you build my way and people will come to see my presence. They were mindful of one another. It is not easy. When the church was birthed 97% were poor. It’s in that context that people shared. God had put it into their hearts. It was not arm twisting.

The common purse shows amazing ability of the disciples to love one another. If we can get this right across the nations!!!

It ends with saying that there was great joy in Israel. You see the church come alive. We can do this. What a might army God has put together! What it will take is for leaders to stand in humility.

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