Saturday, March 26, 2016

From Gethsemane to Golgotha PART 2 | Colin D Cruz

This message was preached by Colin D Cruz at Word of Grace Church on the 25th of March 2016. There is no audio for this message. This is Part 2 of a two part message on Good Friday.

We are looking at the events in the last 24 hours Jesus' life
Luke 22:39-44

1 Jesus prayed. The disciples went to sleep. He prayed that Gods will be done. God encouraged him with an angel ministering to him.
His agony was so intense that he sweated drops of blood.

2 Matt 26:47-56 Judas betrayed him.  armed soldiers came to arrest him.
All fled. Save Peter who cut off a soldiers ear.
Jesus was betrayed. Have we been? Have we! Can we forgive
Have there been times when we have not stood for Jesus.

3 Jesus trial
Mark 14:61-64
They spat on him, struck him, beat him, humiliated him, mocked.
Have we been unjustly treated. Ask God for Grace to respond like Jesus.

4 Pilate and Jesus

5 Jesus is condemned. Mk 15: 6-15
Barabbas was released in the place of Jesus.
Have you been sidelined for someone else?
Pilate does nothing bec he wanted to satisfy the crowd. He had Jesus flogged. It was the most horrible kind

6 On the way to Golgotha
Luke 23:26 Simon of Cyrene. Was made to carry the cross. What an honor. He is recorded in history.
Large numbers of woman wailed.
Would we carry His cross? Today we can. We do it as we serve his body.
Ask God for strength to do that

7 On the cross
Luke  23:34
Jesus is crucified with two common criminals. Today we like to show off an or who we know. Here the Lord of creation hung between two common thieves. How he humbled himself.
We we look for ways to humble ourselves
8Jesus speaks to the thieves

8 v39. He endured insults from the criminal. Till his last breath he was saving souls.
How many times we have made excuses saying when things get better I'll serve.
Jesus even in this time is serving people.

9 John 18:28-34 Jesus fulfilled many prophetic words. About his birth and death.
No bones were broken because he was already dead.
Only God could orchestrate these events. He controls every detail in our lives. No one can mess with it.

10 verse 38-42 Burial prepared
Joseph of Aramethea and Nicodemus who were secret followers come alive and take care of his burial.

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