Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Healing | Ian Portwine

This message was preached  by Ian Portwine at Word of Grace Church on  February 28th, 2016. To listen/download the audio please click here.

 Mark 8:22-26
This is the story about the blind man of Bethesda
This is wired stuff going on here. 

We don’t go spitting into people’s eyes!!
Jesus takes the blind out of the village, out of everyone’s view and does the most unusual thing. In those days people did believe that salvia had some healing properties. I have been researching this in the library on the healing properties found id saliva. So Jesus uses salvia to help the person in their journey of healing. Jesus asks him how he is after he prays. It takes faith t ask that question. Jesus prays again. Jesus had to pray twice!! Sometimes healing does not come immediately. We don’t understand.
John 2
Jesus turns water into wine. The question raised here is that about God’s timing ; when the water turned into wine. One thing we do know is that we have a hope that is certain where there is no pain, no suffering. When we will be made perfect – total healing will be ours
Today we are on a journey into that healing. We don’t know when that will happen like the water into wine. In heaven there will be complete healing.
You may be suffering you’ve been prayed for in the past. Maybe this morning is the time you will be healed and your water will change to wine.
We often ask why God doesn’t do things the way we want. Sometimes we pray and people die. But death is not defeat because it has lost its sting! Death takes us into eternity to be with Jesus forever!!!
We will pray today for healing for people here and back home. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak with us this week.
So how do we pray for healing? It’s easy. There is no fixed formula. In the simplicity of childlike faith God can heal in His power. Ask people about their condition right now. Ask what is the level of pain they are facing on a scale of 0-10 or if they are unable to do something. Pray and then ask them how they are feeling again on a scale from 0-10 and/or whether they are able to move a part of their body that they could before. The person could be partially healed, fully healed or not at all. We continue to pray because we don’t know when God will heal them. Encourage them to be in faith and keep expecting.

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