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THE GLORIOUS CHURCH 2017 Elijah a man like us | Steve O

The is the third in a 9 part series that was preached at the 
Glorious Church, RegionsBeyond Conference 2017 held in Mumbai.

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SESSION 3 STEVE O The Glorious Church 2017
It’s God’s heart that his name is made famous around the world. God honors our faith and our prayers.

As a part of the role God has given us- we want to open up new areas for the gospel. The multitude of people in the world make you feel inadequate. You feel the weight of the responsibility. Some nations seem dis interested about the things of God and are establishing other Gods

This is the same thing happening in this passage. The leadership  of Israel has started following the nations around them. God has called you out to be a representation of Him in a particular community. God has a plan.

1Kings 17:1. Now Elijah!!
In this situation, God raises up one man. Then this must be extraordinary!!!  But to our surprise, you will find it’s not like that at all. Ahab must have thought I’ll kill him now. But, God is amazing. God uses ordinary people.

 There is one intriguing thing. It tell you where he comes from. No one knows where it is. No historical evidence. It’s likely, Tishbite means a traveler, a sojourner where you come from can describe who you are. However, God chooses someone who has no address to be a voice to change a nation.
There is no royal line, just like Cinderella. This is our story.
When Nathaniel heard about Jesus he says Nazareth ?? God says I want to change the nation….

James 5:17
James was speaking to very poor people. Elijah was a man just like you was not educated or with connections etc.
He gives us no background; His heart was open to the one true God. He prayed for the land. Nations are slipping away from God. However, God raises up a people. He finds a person. Now Elijah and He can do it with you!!!

There was a man Smith  Wigglesworth ….God goes to a man who was open to him
He spoke for God through a lifestyle of intimacy.
He said to Ahab – As the Lord lives. Elijah knew the living God. It was not a religion. He was alive. He is alive. Therefore, here is a man out of intimacy because he knows his God lives.

God listens to those who listen to him. He is angry at Israel. He finds the Tishbite and hears him. He looks for those willing to listen to him.
When we listen to God and obey him he will release us for great things.

Obedience underlies his power. We find obedience in Elijah. If you want to see the power for God in your life listen and obey. Good messages will only change your life only if you do it.

Ahab was a weak man and Jezebel with eyes that want to kill him. Elijah does not become a hero. God says you have been faithful with that – here is the next instruction. From being in the courts of the king, he is in the Kings palace. He was a man of obedience. He is obedient with the big and small things.
To the local pastor, giving, public ministry – in every area. That is what God is looking for. He stays there for 3 years.

1 Kings 17:3-4
Verse 5 So he went
We can change the world .But we need to obey. It’s challenging but believe that God will provide.
V6 Elijah went to live by the banks

When God calls you to do things, we are in a battle. Nothing goes as planned. However, God’s word is true. We are dependent on him. Our nations are in need of Elijah’s.
People without great credentials but intimate with God and obedience\In doing what Elijah did be obedience
16:34 God is true to His word

Do not let the enemy build on my watch. Let me be a voice. Let us advance.

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