Thursday, June 18, 2020

The Early Church

This message was brought by Colin DCruz on June 14th, 2020 at Word of Grace. To listen to the audio please click here. To lsiten to the worship please click here.

Let us continue in our series in Acts 2&3. On Pentecost (Acts 1:4) they were all together. Acts 2 when the Holy Spirit was poured out there were praying.
Acts 3 is the first recorded miracle. Peter and John (v1) were going up to the temple, as was their usual habit for a time of prayer. It must have been their habit and suddenly God’s power came and touched the paralytic.

In times of revival, there is a high focus on prayer. COVID 19 cases are on the rise. Therefore, we need to pray fervently. Please join the 24 x 7-prayer chain.

This was a sudden move of God. They were about their normal day. Suddenly faith rose in their heart. This man used to beg there for many years and probably even when Jesus visited the temple. For some reason, he did not get his healing then. However, that was the appointed time. It is about God’s timing – our job is to step out and pray. Praise God for Sunder’s healing and Suntih’s healing.

Be in expectation for God to use you suddenly when the need arises.
Forty years a paralytic. V8 Now he is walking, leaping, and praising god. This is also a conversion. He is now praising God. What did Peter and John do? The healing was only a sign. A sign points to something. Based on this he used to launch the gospel and not a healing meeting.

V1. Peter uses this opportunity to proclaim Jesus. Let’s be full of prayer and expectancy and when we see God’s power we are quick to give God glory and share the gospel.
Multitudes were saved (Acts 4:4) grew now to over 5000 not counting the women and children). Therefore, from the day of Pentecost when 300 were added, we can say that at least another 2000 were saved.

What can we learn from this?
Let us be a people of prayer
We should expect God to move when we pray in Jesus name
When we experience healings use it as an opportunity to Share the gospel
Let us expect multitudes to be saved. We can be a beacon of hope.
The healings are a sign that point to the reality of Jesus
Pray for people through zoom, WhatsApp, or a phone call.
Acts 4:23-31
After they prayed the place was shaken, they are filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the Word boldly. Pray that God would use us to see people healed and saved.

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