Monday, November 3, 2014

Let it go and fly!!!

This message was preached by T D Jakes titled "let it go". We felt this message is foundation to the christian faith, the life of the church  and to us realizing our destiny.
 We have blogged the notes for your reflection. For the video click here

Everything comes out of your heart. The mind is the ground where seed is planted – both good and bad.

Forgiveness is amazing. We don’t talk about it but it is foundational to our faith.
We have been forgiven but we find it difficult to forgive. We have to be a conduit through which his character flows. God will give you anything to you that He can get through you.

God says whatever I do to you do it back to others. If God has blessed us, we bless, if he has shown us mercy, we show mercy, if we have been comforted, we comfort, if He has forgiven us, forgive
Forgiveness is not for little people. People who do big things are separated from the little people based on how they handle problems. They always take the high road.
Chickens eat off the ground – they eat anything including their own feces. Feces is what you should release. If you keep eating what you should release it will weigh you down.To be promoted to the next level, you can’t keep eating off the ground. You can’t go over old issues. Unforgiveness keeps you in the chicken coups when God is calling you to the mountains.

Only humans kill because of hate. Not animals. Therefore our emotions control our behavior. Whatever controls you becomes your master.
Your memories, scars, pain, abuse is your master anytime it controls. Anytime somebody walks into the room and your mood changes you are a slave.

Unforgiveness is not in babies. It is not in children so how do we get it?
There is a pathology that is developed in your house, environment culture where you learn to express emotions in a certain way.
So it is a learned behavior.

What does un forgiveness do to the person who violated you? NOTHING!!!
Never have trouble releasing that which you don’t care about. Un forgiveness is a cancer that is eating your destiny. Your history can ruin your destiny.

God has great plans for you but he can’t give you for future if your hands are full of the past.
Therefore you have to let do, don’t wait to fix it, straighten it out, wait for them to apologize. Anytime you have for them to do something you have put power in the hands of the perpetrator. That is like living in you room but putting the thermostat in their house. Why do you let them have control over your atmosphere?

Jesus did not for to the cross and bind up all the forces o f hell for you to be bound up by “Jimmy”!
Its time to take back your authority, claim where you are going and fly. Let it go!! If you don’t break it off your history will show up in your destiny.

You can forgive people when you understand them.

We have not made a distinction between weakness and wickedness. They might have been weak but not wicked. Something people do to themselves and you just get caught in the middle of it. You are a victim of their weakness and how arrogant if you to act like you have no weakness of your own.

Therefore you can’t afford not to be forgiving. Blessed are the merciful. When you ask for mercy it means you are guilty. But if you are not guilty you ask for justice. Justice is for the innocent. When you are guilty you pray for mercy. If we have received mercy how ca n we not give it? Our excuse for not forgiving is that they are guilty!! But so are you!!

Physical wound can be treated with medicine. But what’s happens when your soul is bruised, yourself esteem? These are the wounds for which the world has no remedy. So we hide our pain. Some do it with drugs alcohol. Some do with church. Church becomes your drug of choice. It’s not where you worship. Jesus did not say I have come to give you church but life in abundantly. This is not a tranquilizer to induce some spiritual euphoria and go home to a hell.

The only thing stopping you is that you are using faith like a narcotic and not a liberator so that it can empower you to simply let it go!!!

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