Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Glorious Church - Encountering Jesus | Steve Oliver

 This message was preached by Steve Oliver at The Glorious Church Conference 2014 held in Mumbai. To listen to the audio please click here

Two years ago, we met together. Thank you for the work you are doing for gospel advance. Our work in the nations is growing but what brings great joy is the maturing among you and fruitfulness.

In UK we prayed for Orissa, UP and it’s wonderful to see relationships growing between nations. I am very grateful for Nigel, Lisa and Sabelo coming from Cape Town.

Matthew 17:1 – Felt God is going to reveal Himself in a new way. How we position ourselves in relation to God will affect/ determine how we receive from Him. Matthew the tax collector many years after, records this in the gospel.

This message is about you- about Jesus wanting to do something for you. Many people followed Jesus but He took these three. He wants to speak to you as an individual and not as a movement.

In verse 2- there on the mountain he was transfigured.  The sun radiates and gives out light. His clothes became as white as the light. And he is talking to Moses and Elijah.
Then a voice comes down from heaven. “This is my beloved son, listen to him”. And Jesus comes and touched them and when they looked they saw no one but Jesus.

Though I want to talk about a personal encounter with God, even right now, you can take a heart attitude saying ‘this is for me’. A personal encounter by his spirit will transform your life, the way you live, beliefs and the fruitfulness in your life.
Paul wrote “the Lord is Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” I want us to know that freedom.

John said the Spirit gives life. The words I have spoken to you are full of life. If we have encountered Jesus by the spirit, we will go out and do great things.
When we encounter Jesus in spirit and truth it will change your life. It changed David from a shepherd to a King in waiting.

Q. why did Jesus want these three with him?
When we understand this, we will understand what God wants of us. Jesus wanted them to witness this to be his witnesses. Jesus knew that these fishermen would one day before the most fearsome political leaders and they would have to give an answer. He knew that they would have to preach before thousands. He knew that they needed a foundation for them to be fruitful in the nations and give an answer to the people. Unless they had a real encounter with his spirit, they would falter in their faith. Jesus knew they would suffer. When you know who you are, it settles things in your heart.

If we have to fulfill what God has called us to do and go on and do great things for Jesus, then you need to have an encounter with Jesus himself.

Do you realize that each one of us is a rescued person? Rescued by Jesus. Everyone of us has been rescued from a lifestyle of death. We need to see how needy we are.
When I encountered Jesus the first thing He showed me was a heart that was in a mess. We often don’t want to deal with those things. 
Look at Peter – how much God has to deal with him before God could use him. Experiences that we have in our lives damage our heart and our inner man. But in his presence healing comes.

We are called to be a people of Word and Spirit. When he encounters us he gives us heart for people on the streets, cities, villages. When you see the love of God it changes you.
Jesus is looking for you and I to press into his presence. After healing you, Jesus envisions you and empowers you.

God chooses us to be fruitful. What does God have for you? What has he promised you in the years to come? How many young couples are ready to change the nations and God can change your life tonight and bring healing tonight. God changed Peter James and John forever.
This is for you tonight. All God is saying is will you come. Read the Bible and read biographies – full of stories of people who did great things for God.

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