Friday, June 17, 2016

Season of springs - Steve Oliver | FUSION 2016

This message was preached by STEVE OLIVER at the Fusion 2016  RegionsBeyond gathering in the UK.
This was the opening session where Steve shares a prophetic word that is going to change the shape and momentum of things to come.
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Numbers 21 : 16- 20

We are in for a fabulous time. Fusion is a key for as we go forward. I believe God wants to launch us into something in the months ahead.
In the past conferences have always been about gathering to big names and speakers and I do receive from them. But God is changing the wine skin. Its not about big speakers but about gathering to God. As we do that he will lead us in new ways.

We need to surrender fully to his purposes. God us called us from Dubai to the UK. Leaving  Dubai was a big thing. We feel the purposes of God burning in our hearts.

While in Clarens God spoke clearly to me. He spoke to me about wells in a beautiful picture. Wells are nice, refreshing, important for water. Those of us on farms know that. As I was seeing this picture of well with beautiful water.  As I was seeing this picture Gavin Northcote came and prayed with me and said God has called you to change wells into springs. We have the privilege of having a spring on our farm stead. Wells are nice but hard work. 

God is saying we are going into a season of the supernatural where we are going to begin to see a flow of God which is from him and by him. God is going to transform churches . Even as we begin its going to be a supernatural work as we push forward. Very quickly we will begin to multiply in gifts and measure but in the number of churches planted in this nation.

Let us gather to your presence. Num 21:16-18 

16 From there they continued on to Beer, the well where the Lord said to Moses, “Gather the people together and I will give them water.”
17 Then Israel sang this song:

“Spring up, O well!
    Sing about it,
18 about the well that the princes dug,
    that the nobles of the people sank—
    the nobles with scepters and staffs.”

Beer - well. Gathered them together so that I may give the water. Is sang spring up O well!! 
God has begun a deep work in us already. God is going to refresh us with his water. We will see springs burst up from among us. We will start to see a shift in the momentum.

We will see springs burst among us. Not wells which is hard work.

Rob Rufus said in 1993
I believe that we are living in times when 7 years will be like 7 months, and 7 weeks will be like 7 days.WE are living in those times. I have seen manifestation of that in my times in Dubai. 

Its a steeping into the promises of God for what God wants us to do. Start believing God for things.

Though faith we have to believe God for this. To quicken things.
Times are going to multiply.It will be exponential.
Things that are stale in your churches will quicken.

We are going to trust God for great things. People are going to do great things. 
All the pioneers started like us and believed God for great things.

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