Wednesday, June 15, 2016

There remains much land to possess | STEVE OLIVER | FUSION 2016

This message was preached by STEVE OLIVER at the Fusion 2016 RegionsBeyond gathering in the UK.
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Regions Beyond is not about a movement but its about reaching the lost, building up the broken hearted etc. Regions Beyond however does have some distinctiveness. 

We have a heart for multi generational leadership where : 
  • Everybody is involved - we are an apostolic people group. 
  • There is a deep reliance on relationships. 
  • Its about multiplied leadership where we raise up and invest in one another. 
  • Its not about one man etc.
  •  Its about a heart for the poor.
  • The glorious church where every community is helping one another and where we are an expression of Jesus in the neighbourhood.
  • We are here for one another's success.
The world does not know this. If we can do this we can quickly go across the world.

This great giant is born under the fathering and leadership of Moses.
If we walk in humility and faith,  we have started the most wonderful journey together.
so, Pack up and get ready!!!

Joshua must have had so much anticipation. We will remember this day- when God sent us packing!! ( due to a storm warning, we had to break camp, take down all our tents , pack up a go home a day early).

As they crossed the Jordan, they knew that they had Jericho to face. One of the things that make a church community great is encouragement and celebration. Keep encouraging your people.They need encouragement to be strong and courageous. Promises don't come without a fight!

No sooner had they received a call to pack up in chapter 3, they come to Jordan. There is the word "all". That is what God is looking for.

Ch3:10 the people crossed over on dry land when the Jordan was in full flood!! They had battles to fight - Jericho, then Ai. 

Every step Joshua established a place of worship. It was all about God! Such pioneers! We are doing the same thing again. Maybe you have been isolated and momentum is not easy . Go back in faith this time. We walk and live by faith. Call the people in.

Josh 8:30

I was carrying in my heart the promise of a world wide move of God.Joshua builds an alter on Mount Ebo of uncut stones. .This must not be a work of man but by the spirit. Stones shaped by fire and each one will have its shape. Its not one size its all. God wants to raise up people who are birthed in the Spirit. One linked to the other and holding each other up. We don;t have 23 boxes to tick and sign. We are welcoming and accepting  and lean heavily on one another. There is no place for individualism.

Ch 9 More campaigns and more battles are fought and more cities taken. Church planting is tough and many of us know that

Ch 13:1-
God speaks to Joshua when he is old . You would think that God would tell him you can relax now! But God says, there remains very much more land to possess.
We can think we are old, but there is no settling.
This is the beginning of a journey. There remains land to take.

It raises the question : how do we go forward , here in the UK?

1. Its a season of wells to turn into springs. Resource basis that will become springs. No more hard work o drawing water up. Divine resources . Teach this to your churches.

2. Prayer must become the vehicle of going forward. Look at how you do prayer. Its very important.

3. Strategically we want to establish and recognise HUB churches. We want to see numerous Hubs established.

For exponential growth we need many gifts around the country. One man cannot do it. Its multiplied leadership. Its not geographically but rationally. They will build relationship but also plant churches. These clusters of churches

  • Will plant churches. 
  • They will work together to strengthen people.
  • we will train and equip.
  • Ministry collaboration
  • Pastoral support
Release and recognition. Eph 4 gifts. This is the ultimate aim and all the other gifts. It takes time to recognise apostolic gifts. They will open up new areas, give birth to people and correct doctrine.
Our aim is to have exponential growth.

4. Times of corporate prayer

5. Task team for theology and training

6. FUSION 2018

7. HUB every other year.Next year 13-18 Nov 2017

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